Napa Tours – There Are More Ways to Arrive Than By Car

Do you want to know what Napa tours are all about? Napa Valley offers exciting tours and adventures that await millions – yes, millions – of tourists and wine lovers around the world who flock to the region each year. Exploring the Napa Valley is already an adventure of itself. However, exploring Napa Valley via different modes of transportation provide an element of intrigue and excitement. They can also give tourists the chance to see the captivating beauty of the Napa Valley in an altogether different perspective.

Since enotourism – or wine tourism – began in the Napa Valley during the 1970s, both the wines and tourism business in the region have been flourishing. Several transportation operators are cashing in on the prosperous Napa Valley enotourism by offering their services to tourists. One of the typical ways to experience Napa Valley and Sonoma is to travel by car. There are car rental businesses that you can go to, if you want to hit the roads by yourself while exploring the natural wonders of the Valley and discovering the process of winemaking. It’s helpful that you do some research first on several car rental companies in the Valley especially in regards to the rates that they offer. You don’t want to forget to compare prices.

There are many other ways to explore and experience Napa Valley other than by driving or riding a car. Another travelling experience is to ride a magnificently restored train that will take you to Napa and St. Helena. You will not only take pleasure at the gorgeous sights of the Valley but you will also get to have lunch while you’re in transit.

If you are a first-time tourist or are visiting the region in a group, shuttle buses are always an ideal way to explore the natural beauty of the Valley. They also provide tours around the wineries.

Napa Valley’s peerless scenery and natural wonders inspire you to consider other options – there are jeep rides, biking, boating, motorcycling, horseback riding, or just hiking and exploring by foot. Or if you can afford it, you can ride a classic limousine or the extended Humvee limo for luxury wine tours.

And who could ever forget hot air ballooning? The Napa Valley has earned a reputation as one of the best places in the world to go for a hot air balloon ride. And why not? You could say that the Napa Valley has all the things – wonderful natural scenery, gentle, stable morning winds – that are conducive to this type of transportation. Hot air ballooning is truly a marvelous way for visitors who are looking for something more magical out of their Napa tours.

There are several hot air balloon ride companies currently operating in the Napa Valley but only Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is guaranteed to make your airborne ride truly a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

With our amazing morning hot air balloon rides packages, Balloons Above the Valley will give you something beyond the ride. Of course, we won’t allow you to have your sunrise balloon flight hungry and lethargic, so we offer you pre-flight coffee and pastries for breakfast to keep you up on your feet and excited for the airborne journey.

Next, time to hop in the hot air balloon and experience what will be the ride of your lifetime. In the crisp, gentle and stable morning wind – perfect weather for a hot air balloon flight – it feels like you’re on top of the world.

Once you’re on a hot air balloon, you will get to see the beautiful, vast natural expanse of the Napa Valley. This includes tidy rows of grapevines, gorgeous clusters of trees and shrubs, and the overall breathtaking, unbeatable display of colors that Mother Nature offers, depending on the season. In the summer morning, you will be amazed at Napa’s wonderful shades of green, something that you may have not noticed before when you’re on land. While in the fall season, on the other hand, you will be certainly dazzled by a magnificent display of warm, golden colors of the trees and the vineyards, whose grapes are ready to be harvested.

And with the mad rush going on the Napa grounds – crowded restaurants, live gigs and music festivals, food and wine festivals, and the like – a hot air balloon ride is a perfect getaway from all the stress and the noise. Once up in the air, you will feel a genuine calmness and true oneness with Nature. Of course, you may not want to miss the opportunity to take pictures of the wonderful sights of the Napa Valley with your camera or smartphone.

You wish the airborne journey never ends, but as is said, all good things must come to an end. However, we at Balloons Above the Valley provide a delightful and satisfying end to your hot air balloon flight. We don’t want you to conclude your flight feeling hungry and enervated. We provide delicious and satisfying post-flight brunches for you and your friends. This is also the perfect time for you to talk about how your hot air balloon flight took your breath away.

Here is a list of our standard hot air balloon packages:

  1. Sunrise Balloon Flight – a pre-flight breakfast, sunrise balloon flight, and post-flight brunch
  2. Sunrise Balloon Flight/Champagne Brunch/Wine Tour – a pre-flight breakfast, sunrise balloon flight, post-flight brunch with champagne, and a winery tour
  3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package – This package offers lots for tourists who want to discover more of the wine production aside from the sunrise hot air balloon flight. They will have free transportation (including a limo bus service with on-board Continental breakfast and mimosa), wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, champagne brunch, picnic lunches, ferry rides and so much more. You may want to know more about this package through this link:
  4. Chase and Brunch – for those who don’t want to ride on the hot air balloon. Along with the BATV staff, you will get to follow on the hot air balloon on the ground while your party takes their flight. A pre-flight breakfast and a post-flight brunch are also included, but you may also opt to have a post-flight brunch only.

We’ve added a few new special packages to accommodate more clients:

  1. Exclusive Flights – where you and your friends and family members will get to enjoy an exclusive hot air balloon flight and a private table at our post-flight brunch celebration. Yes, all the flights and the table to yourselves.
  2. Proposals and weddings
  3. Group tours and company tours – your party should consist of at least 10 passengers

BATV also provide rides for the children, 12 years and under, as long as they are at least 40 inches in height.

Please contact our office for assistance with booking the package of your choice, as well as the pricing of our special tour packages. For more complete details, head on to our page:

If you want to surprise your loved ones on their special day, you may also purchase our Weekday Gift Certificates ($179 per passenger, non-refundable). Please contact our office for more details on how to purchase our weekday flight vouchers, or check our webpage:
The Napa Valley – with its rich winemaking history, healthy wine industry and of course the unbeatable scenery – offers many options for tourists who want to discover the region. You may want to explore it on wheel or by foot. But if you want to make your Napa tours more unique and truly unforgettable, why not ride a hot air balloon? If you decide to do so, choose the pioneer of quality hot air balloon rides for your Napa tour – Balloons Above the Valley.

Napa Valley Wine Tours in Winter

Napa Valley wine tours are great for all seasons. Yes, we definitely mean all seasons – even in the winter months. Anytime is a good time to visit this world-renowned wine region in California.

The coldest months in the Napa Valley are usually December, January and February. Winter in the region is where you’ll experience intermittent seasonal rains, which are then followed by blue skies and rays of sunshine. The changes in the weather during this season make Napa Valley all the more beautiful. Napa Valley in wintertime offers a splendid beauty that is otherwise different from when you visit during the summer, spring, and autumn seasons.

Traffic in the winter season is usually light, the pace is slower and not so busy, and many hotels are offering excellent discount specials. At this point, wines are barrel-aging in caves and cellars, ready to be savored. It sounds like wintertime should be the best time to do your Napa Valley tours!

When you think of winter, you may automatically think of some snow-covered pine trees, snow-capped mountains, and snow-piled vistas, anything cold and white – the common, traditional visions of the season. However, you won’t see anything of these in the Napa winter. Yes, the vineyards may be barren and dormant for the wintertime, but you’ll be surprised by the amazing colors that Napa offers during this season such as the vivid yellows of the wild mustard blooms and shades of emerald green.

The bright colors of yellow and green during the wintertime means that it’s officially the Cabernet Season, which goes on until April. Visitors who are lucky to experience wintertime in Napa have easy access to the best wine, food, arts, entertainment, and wellness amenities, as well as great discounts offered by many hotels in the region. In the Cabernet Season, tastings and heartier fares won’t be complete without sipping and savoring the bold flavors of Napa’s flagship wine, the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine, as many tourists and winemakers themselves claim, is perfect for cozying up during these cold nights. No wonder winter is no longer a season in the Napa Valley, but instead an awesome celebration.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the Cabernet Sauvignon for sure, but there are other fun things you can do in the Napa Valley during the winter season. This is especially true in regards to the unique beauty this season brings. However, there’s no better way to marvel at these wonderful sights than by going on a hot air balloon ride.

When you decide to go on a hot air balloon ride, you may see several hot air balloon flight companies in the Napa Valley. However, only Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers sunrise hot air balloon rides packages that will definitely warm the cockles of your heart during the winter season.

Aside from warming your heart, our packages also satisfy your bellies and invigorate your senses, as well. Of course, you cannot leave for your hot air balloon flight feeling cold, lazy, and hungry. You will enjoy our delicious pre-flight coffee and pastries to keep you alert.

Next, you’ll be driven to the site where the hot air balloons are being inflated. Once the balloon finally rises, you will be able to hop in to what will become the ride of your lifetime.

In the crisp, cool winter morning winds, you will know why the beauty of the Napa Valley is best viewed from up in the sky. You will get to marvel at the rows of bright, vivid canary-colored wild mustard blooms that upstage the sleeping vineyards, and several shades of emerald green that make for a gorgeous carpet on the misty hills. These brilliant, intense, and beautiful colors are basking the under the glow of the winter sunrise. You swear you will never see the other side of Mother Nature’s beauty as from the Napa Valley in the wintertime.

Of course, don’t forget to take pictures of the beautiful, wondrous winter sights of the Napa Valley with your camera and smartphone as your own personal souvenirs. These pictures will be treasured for years to come.

Your flight is enjoyable but you may be somewhat a little sad that the airborne trip will be over. Don’t be sad, though, because a delicious post-flight champagne brunch is ready for you and your friends to enjoy. This is also the opportunity to celebrate the fun and truly unforgettable hot air balloon flight you enjoyed just moments before.

Aside from the hot air balloon rides, pre-flight breakfasts and post-flight champagne brunches, there is so much more that Balloons Above the Valley offers. Our other all-inclusive packages include winery tours in Napa and Sonoma, a 7-hour wine tour from San Francisco in the comfort of a limo bus, continental breakfast with mimosa, stop at the vista view of the Golden Gate bridge, picnic lunches at the winery, tours at the vineyards and winemaking production, ferry rides, and so much more.

BATV also offers packages and accommodations for proposals and weddings, group and corporate tours, and special offers for those who want to enjoy exclusive hot air balloon flights and private tables at our post-flight brunch celebration. You can also purchase our Weekday Gift Certificates if you want to give a special, memorable gift for your loved ones on their special day (or any time of the year). For more details of our packages and how to book your reservations on them, check out our webpage: You may also contact us at 800-464-6824 or send queries to our e-mail: We will be glad to answer your questions about pricing as well as assist you in booking your reservation.

There are many delightful perks and amenities that you’ll enjoy when you decide to do Napa Valley wine tours in the winter. Aside from the beautiful scenery, the relatively leisurely pace, the excellent discounts, and the fine Cabernet Sauvignon, wintertime also means this is also the best time to ride on a hot air balloon! Balloons Above the Valley is more than ready to give you the most wonderful, exciting and unforgettable sunrise hot air balloon rides during your Napa Valley Wine Tour in the winter or in any other season.

Planning to Pop the Question? Consider a Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Hot air balloons have been long associated with adventure as well as romance. A hot air balloon ride over the beautiful, romantic Napa Valley landscape is the perfect way to pop the question to your loved one. Take your sweetheart on the private hot air balloon flight and experience an exhilarating, fantastic airborne journey as you fly over the gorgeous Napa Valley scenery.

A hot air balloon ride is one of those truly ideal wedding proposal concepts. This is because being up in the air gives you and your loved one a literally heightened sense of excitement and adventure. Popping the question aboard a hot air balloon, flying up in the sky, will truly be a touching, unforgettable experience.

Now you have this airborne engagement idea in mind, but do you know how to plan the proposal? Here are some tips on how to stage that perfect wedding proposal on a hot air balloon over the breathtaking Napa Valley landscape.

  1. Do some research and investigation on hot air balloon flight service companies in Napa Valley. Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloons have been the location for many proposals over the last 38 years. Compare prices and flight packages to see what is available.
  2. Ask your girlfriend or partner if they are afraid of heights. Remember, their opinion matters! If they are afraid of heights, respect their opinion and never proceed with your surprise airborne proposal. But if they are not afraid of heights, then it’s a green signal to take them on the hot air balloon flight.
  3. Of course, you need a ring for popping the big question. After buying your engagement ring to be given to your partner, make sure you place it in a secure, concealed location where your partner cannot find it. However, make sure you remember where you place it!
  4. Plan and write down your proposal speech. You will most likely practice and rehearse it over and over until you feel you get it right.
  5. Go with your plan for about halfway through the hot air balloon ride.
  6. To make your proposal even more memorable, get your family and your partner’s family involved in the whole event, if appropriate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have both families waiting for you at the end of the ride? It helps if you are pretty sure your partner will say “yes” before planning and going on the balloon ride. If you are not sure, you may risk being humiliated!
  7. When you are about to proceed to the “big moment,” bring out the ring. Don’t stress about the speech you prepared.
  8. Finally, it’s time to pop the question! As you and your loved one are flying on a hot air balloon over the romantic scenery, get on one knee, pull out your ring, and ask, “Will you marry me?” It’s ok if you forget your prepared speech. You’ll end up saying things that are straight from your heart. Anything that comes from the heart is anything but amiss.

Another tip: you may want to have someone else (e.g. a common friend or a family member, perhaps) to go along with you on the hot air balloon ride. Assign him/her to take a picture and/or a video of you and your partner during the proposal.

With the natural beauty of the Napa Valley, it provides a perfect romantic backdrop for your engagement. If you want to get the best out of your hot air balloon wedding proposal experience, there’s no other place to go than Balloons Above the Valley. We offer engagement proposal tours as well as wedding tours.

Plan your hot air balloon engagement with a call to Balloons Above the Valley.  Give us a call to see how we can help you with your proposal plans. You may reach us by calling 800-464-6824 or send us an email at We are glad to provide you with the assistance you need scheduling and booking your reservation.

Balloons Above the Valley looks forward to helping you make your wedding proposal wonderful, special and truly unforgettable. A hot air balloon ride is one of the coolest ways to stage a wedding proposal you and your partner will remember.

Discover Wine Tours in Napa Valley

Exploring wine tours in Napa Valley is an adventure in itself, and one of the things that tourists do not want to miss. Of course, Napa Valley is famous for its wines, wineries, and beautiful vineyards.

Napa Valley’s Mediterranean climate, location, and geography make the region a perfect place to grow grapes. Winemaking in Napa Valley began as early as in the mid-19th century. After numerous setbacks during the late 19th to early 20th century, Napa Valley’s wine industry recovered and enotourism also sprang from it.

Enotourism, or wine tourism, is a relatively new form of tourism. The evolution of enotourism in Napa Valley began in the mid-1970s, due to its vigorous and concerted marketing efforts. The Judgment of Paris or the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 — a wine competition organized in the French capital — elevated local wines in the Valley as some of the finest quality wines in the world.

And because Napa Valley wines have come to be world-famous, wine-loving tourists from parts of the US and around the world are flocking to the Napa Valley to have the taste of the finest wines. Tourists will also marvel at the unbeatable natural beauty of the valley, as well as enjoy other amenities such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and relaxation.

One of the best ways to conduct wine tours in Napa Valley is, of course, to have someone along who already knows the region well. A professional guide, or at least a friend who knows the Valley, should be with you as you tour, whether you go on a scenic drive, by train, or biking.

The most common method to discover Napa Valley and Sonoma County is by car. You may want to rent a car and hit the roads by yourself. However, you may also want to take luxury wine tours, which will enable you to enjoy more the scenic beauty of the valley (in a more luxurious way) as you head from one winery to the next to learn more about the process of winemaking. Or you may want to mount on a magnificently restored train which will take you to Napa and St. Helena, and have lunch or dinner on transit. Shuttle buses are also a great option to take you to the famous wineries. If you want to get up close and personal with the best of the Valley, choose biking and hiking
And they’re not the only options to navigate around the Valley. You may go boating, motorcycling, horseback riding, or just exploring the Valley by foot. There’s also one marvelous way to appreciate the beauty of the Napa Valley: through hot air ballooning.

Many tourists say that riding a hot air balloon is one of the best experiences they’ve ever had while staying in the Napa Valley. And what makes a hot air balloon so special when compared to other methods used to discover wine tours in Napa Valley? There are several companies in the Napa Valley that offer hot air balloon flights to tourists, but only Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) guarantees to make your flight truly wonderful, awe-inspiring, and memorable.

Balloons Above the Valley will give you something beyond the hot air balloon rides. We won’t allow you to have your sunrise balloon flight hungry and lethargic, so we offer you pre-flight coffee and pastries for breakfast to keep you up on your feet.

Then hop into the hot air balloon basket and experience what will be the ride of your lifetime. In the crisp, gentle, and stable morning wind – perfect weather for a hot air balloon flight – it feels like you’re flying like a bird in the sky. Riding on a hot air balloon will enable you to see the beautiful, vast expanse of the Napa Valley. You’ll see neat rows of grapevines, gorgeous clusters of trees and shrubs, and the overall breathtaking colors that Mother Nature offers, depending on the season. In the summer mornings, you will be held at awe at Napa’s wonderful shades of green. While in the fall season, your breath will be taken away by a magnificent display of warm, golden colors of the trees and the vineyards, whose grapes are ready to be harvested.

Aside from enjoying the natural beauty of the Napa Valley, being up in the sky makes you feel you’re at peace, a world away from the mad rush of activity down on the Napa grounds. You will feel utter ethereal calm and true oneness with Nature. Of course, you do not want to forget to take pictures of the beautiful natural wonders of Valley with your camera or smartphone.

You may enjoy your hot air balloon flight so much that you may wish the skyward journey never ends. However, you may feel hungry at this point. But worry about your hunger no more, as a delicious post-flight brunch awaits you and your friends. The post-flight brunch celebration is also the perfect opportunity for you to reminisce with your friends about that breath-taking hot air balloon ride you’ve just experienced.

BATV also offers packages that include tours of the wineries in Napa and Sonoma, some wine and olive oil tasting, delectable picnic-style lunches, and transportation services including a limo service from San Francisco (with on-board breakfast and mimosa). and ferry back to the city proper. There’s also another package for you if you don’t wish to ride on the hot air balloon. For those who are afraid of heights, one person from the party may follow the hot air balloon on the ground while your party takes their sunrise balloon flight. We also offer exclusive flights which allow you to enjoy a private table at our post-flight brunch celebration.

Aside from BATV’s standard packages, we also offer proposal and wedding tours package, as well as group tour and corporate tour packages. Contact us at 800-464-6824 or by emailing and we will be glad to assist you with booking your reservation.

There are many great options to choose from when you want to discover wine tours in Napa Valley. But if you want to make this more unique and truly unforgettable, why not ride a hot air balloon? If you decide to do so, choose Balloons Above the Valley, the pioneer of quality hot air balloon flights for wine tours in Napa Valley.

Learn More about Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California is one of the famous and premiere wine regions in the world. Its Mediterranean climate, location, and geography make it perfectly amenable for growing grapes. This, of course, leads to successful commercial wine production.

Because of the Mediterranean-type climate and geography, Napa Valley boasts beautiful scenery, cool winds, and warm sun. Everywhere you look in Napa Valley is picture-perfect. You will see neatly arranged rows of grapevines along with lush valleys and hills. These display various shades and tones of green in the summer time, and an explosion of warm colors in the fall. Throughout the year, you can enjoy wine tours and one way to arrive at a Napa Valley wine tour in style is to plan a Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon wine tour.

First though, why not get to know how Napa Valley evolved into one of the premiere wine regions in the world?

Napa Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) is a wine region located in Napa County, California. An English immigrant by the name of John Patchett established Napa’s first commercial vineyard during the mid-19th century. Charles Krug was also among Napa Valley’s original pioneers of winemakers by establishing another winery in St. Helena, a city in Napa County.

American viticulture and winemaking suffered considerably during the late 19th and 20th century due to factors such as the outbreak of phylloxera (a pest that attacks the grapevines), the Prohibition, and the Great Depression. After that though, the winemaking industry recovered, and soon Napa Valley was back in business and became more prosperous than ever.

With the combination of a successful wine industry and the beautiful Mediterranean-style scenery, Napa Valley emerges as one of the top enotourism (wine tourism) destinations in the world.

Because of Napa Valley’s marvelous landscape, gentle climate, and, of course, the wines, tourists from parts of the US and around the world come to taste of the world-famous wines and appreciate the region’s natural beauty. And there is so much more that Napa Valley offers!

Have a glorious culinary adventure at Napa Valley’s world-class restaurants. Enjoy sightseeing at some of the valley’s unusual and remarkable architecture. Drive or bike the many trails. Check out the picnic-style lunches, or even blend your own wine mixes! If entertainment is your thing, attend music festivals and hit nightlife venues. Do endless shopping at the numerous stores in Napa and nearby areas such as Yountville and St. Helena. If you’re tired from the numerous activities in the valley, relax and soothe your senses by going to one of the many spas or wellness centers.

Of course, sightseeing and winery tours are among the top ways to learn more about Napa Valley. But do you know that you can do both of these things – and more – when you go contact Balloons Above the Valley (BATV)? We offer sunrise hot air balloon rides. And not only that, our hot air balloon tour packages also offer pre-flight breakfast and post-flight brunches, as well as other activities including wine tours, picnic lunches, champagne brunches, and even olive oil tasting. For more details on our tour options, pricing and reservations, just check out our webpage:

Balloons Above the Valley is the pioneer company offering hot air balloon flights for tourists in the Napa Valley.

Hot air balloon rides are surely one of the best options if you want to learn about the beauty of the Napa Valley. Being one of the prominent hot air balloon aviation companies in America, BATV surpasses industry standards. Balloons Above the Valley guarantee tourists are assured of high-quality hot air balloon flights that are safe, fun, and truly unforgettable when visiting Napa Valley, California.

Looking for Napa Valley Things to Do? Try a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are looking for fun Napa Valley things to do, the world-famous wine region near San Francisco never runs out of them. The Mediterranean-type lush and beautiful scenery in the Napa Valley is unbeatable. Even enjoying simple sight-seeing and taking pictures of the gorgeous Napa expanse will make the time spent so worthwhile.

Summer and fall are Napa Valley’s peak seasons, where the sun shines brightly. Visitors from the US and around the world come to visit the wineries and have a taste of their world-class products. Napa Valley welcomes visitors with pure beauty in various shades of green during the summer months. Autumn brings the Napa grape harvest and the spectacular fall colors of yellow, orange, and red.

In Napa Valley, there are endless fun options. You can have a variety of delicious culinary adventures, get immersed in Napa arts and culture, and stretch your muscles by engaging yourself in sports such as golf and tennis in the beautiful Napa background scenery. If you love the nightlife, there are music and entertainment venues to keep you up all night. But if your choice is more on relaxation, head over to one or more of the Napa Valley spas and wellness centers.

Winter in Napa Valley usually occurs from November to January, and it’s also the coolest and rainiest season. A winter getaway in Napa and Sonoma makes a relaxing and laid-back holiday. Choose a hotel or inn with a built-in fireplace for a warmer and cozier stay. Or experience a mud bath at a Calistoga spa which will allow you to relax and unwind. There are also festivals that are usually held in the winter, such as the Napa Film Festival and the Flavor Napa Valley, so make sure you don’t miss out on them. This makes a wonderful and truly unique experience in the Valley.

Of course, the pure beauty of the Napa Valley will encourage you to be in one with Nature. You can enjoy a panoramic view while hiking Hood Mountain or Mount Saint Helena. You can also spend time biking and hiking which will enable you to see more of Napa Valley’s natural wonders. Aside from these activities, there’s another spectacular way to appreciate the gorgeous expanse of the Napa Valley – via a hot air balloon ride.

And why not? A hot air balloon ride is an exhilarating way to enjoy Napa Valley’s beauty. In a crisp, sunrise morning where the winds are gentle and stable, it’s a perfect time for a hot air balloon ride.

If you include a hot air balloon ride in your must-do things in Napa Valley, choose a company which offered hot air balloon flights over Napa Valley first – Balloons Above the Valley (BATV).

BATV assures you of the unforgettable hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley. Above in the sky, you will see neat rows of grapevines, the amazing Napa fields, lush vegetation, and awe-inspiring landscape bathed in the glow of the sunrise.

Apart from the spectacular hot air balloon rides, we also offer a pre-flight breakfast to help wake up your senses as well as exquisite seasonal post-flight brunches. These allow you and your friends to reminisce about the wonderful flight you’ve just experienced.

BATV also offers complete packages that include a tour of the vineyards (on the ground) as well as wineries, a limo service with on-board breakfast (and a mimosa), an opportunity to pose for pictures near the Golden Gate Bridge, picnic-style lunches, and so much more. Check out more details of these exciting packages through our webpage:

If you haven’t taken a hot air balloon ride yet, you must include this in your fun Napa Valley things to do. And when you do, choose Balloons Above the Valley for a truly wonderful unforgettable Napa Valley experience.

Napa Valley Vacation – Not Only For the Summer Time

Many people are enticed by the idea of a Napa Valley vacation, but sometimes they limit themselves, thinking that they can only go in summer. This is clearly a mistake, as there are many things to do in the Napa and San Francisco Bay area even in the fall and winter months.

In the winter, California’s weather is cooler, and while it does rain more, that does not make it an unpleasant place to visit. Like anywhere else, there will be drier times, though it is difficult to predict when those might be. Winter temperatures will usually be in the upper 50s (Fahrenheit) and down into the 40s, which is quite temperate.

Napa Valley can be great for a day trip, if you live in the area, or a vacation if you have farther to travel. The pace of the area is slower when the weather cools, and there are fewer tourists to work around, so more experiences will be available to enjoy without the large crowds.  In addition, lodging prices are lower during the fall and winter months, and many hotels offer special packages.

Some of the attractions in the Napa Valley that are perfect for a fall or winter vacation include thermal pools, mud baths, fine dining  and tours of the valley both from the ground and from the air.

The best way to tour the Napa Valley on vacation is to make a point of taking a hot air balloon ride. This will allow you to see the countryside from an excellent vantage point. You will be able to see vineyards and mountains, buildings and wildlife as you ride the breezes high above the earth. Even if you are normally bothered by heights, you may be quite comfortable in a hot air balloon, as it is such a smooth and peaceful ride. Many people who have experienced an aversion to heights have said that their hot air balloon ride was just as pleasant as riding on the ground.

You do need to be willing to start your day early, as the balloons usually only embark with the sunrise. The winds are calmer during that time, and they pick up later in the day. The only two things you absolutely must remember before stepping into the basket is to take a moment to use the bathroom, as it will be a couple hours before you will see one again, and to eat something or have something with you, to give your body the energy it needs to keep you warm. High altitudes are cooler than ground level but you will be comforted by the warmth of the burners once the balloon lifts off. Your pilot will point out the interesting things on the ground as you float above them.

The whole experience of hot air ballooning will be well worth it. This will be true whether you take your Napa Valley vacation in the summer or in the winter.

Hot Air Ballooning Is What to Do In Napa

If you are planning to be in California and wonder what to do in Napa while you are there, you will find you have a wide variety of experiences available to you. There are thermal pools in which you can bathe and mud baths that are an experience like no other. You also have your choice of restaurants that provide cuisine from all parts of the world, created and served by top-notch chefs. You can enjoy the wines from local vineyards. Or, you can try many tours of the area which can be taken by car, on foot, or by hot-air balloon.

The restaurants are pretty much a sure thing, as everyone is required to eat at some point. It would be a shame to pass up the quality food and wines that are prepared for your enjoyment.

One thing you really should consider trying during your visit is a hot air balloon ride. In the summer, you can see the vineyards in full bloom (before or after taking a tour and tasting the varieties available). During the fall and winter, you can still see the vineyards, though they are dormant, as well as the trees and the wildlife that roams the land below. It is entirely likely that you will see things that you will want to visit later, once you are back on the ground.

While you view these sights, you will float in near-silence and serenity, surrounded by blue skies, sometimes peppered with clouds. The brief roaring of the fire adjusting the temperature of the air inside the balloon and conversations with the knowledgeable pilot pointing out sights below are the only sounds that commonly interpose themselves into the silence.

If you happen to be totally averse to experiencing the view from the heights, it is sometimes possible to ride with the chase crew and still share brunch with your flying friends. It is important to note, however, that only one person for each person flying is allowed to ride in the chase vehicle.

Once you finish your hot air balloon ride, you along with your fellow riders and your pilot will be returned to the brunch location you selected upon making your reservation. Following your champagne brunch you are free to explore the rest of the Napa Valley at your own leisure.  You can take the time to check out some of the locations you noted on your flight. You may also want to visit some of the fun shopping areas in downtown Napa. There you will find an historic district with boutiques and spas as well as unique shops.

If you prefer the outdoors, you can find plenty of things to do outside, as well, such sports as golf, tennis, and hiking. Bike riding and kayaking are also available. You could even go back to your hotel and nap in preparation for taking in the nightlife and music opportunities that begin later in the evening.

Regardless where your interests lie, you can always find something when you are looking for what to do in Napa.

Don’t Miss Out on Hot Air Balloon Rides near San Francisco

A very popular attraction in Northern California is hot air balloon rides near San Francisco. Hot Air Balloons are popular amongst those who live and visit this region for many reasons. Northern California is one of the most popular places to participate in this alluring activity.

There are quite a few options to consider when you are looking for the right hot air balloon experience during your visit to the San Francisco area. These include options for packages, destinations, and schedule times. Balloons Above the Valley is known for offering the best hot air balloon rides.

The hot air balloon experience offers magnificence through flight. The beauty and peace you will experience on a hot air balloon ride is likely to surprise you. The silence of floating far above the noises of earth is amazing, and the intermittent burst of the fire to keep the balloon’s air at the proper temperature is the only noise. Of course, there may also be comments from your pilot and fellow riders as the only other things likely to break the silence. The time spent floating serenely through the sky is sure to be something you will not soon forget. Don’t forget to take photos to help preserve the memory for future generations.

Whether there are clouds in the sky or whether you float through an expanse of clear blue, the sights that scroll slowly below you will be breathtaking. You will see mountains, vineyards and fields, among other things. Your pilot will know the area and be able to point out places of interest.

As far as fellow riders, that is another option to choose for or against. You can choose to have only your family or group on the ride by booking an exclusive flight, or you can choose a ride that is shared with other riders. Balloons Above the valley owns several balloons, all of which carry different size baskets. The baskets carry anywhere from 2- 20 passengers per basket.

If you prefer a more private setting, there are balloons that can be reserved for two. This is a great idea for a date, honeymoon, anniversary or other special occasion. Some people plan to “pop the question” during the balloon ride.

It is a long-held tradition that, at the conclusion of a hot air balloon journey, no matter how long or short, there is a celebration with champagne. Balloons Above the Valley offers two brunch locations, both of which offer complimentary champagne!

The entire experience, from the time you meet in the morning until after the destination brunch when you are delivered back to your starting point, will take about four hours. You will probably agree that it is one of the best experiences of your life when you take time to experience hot air balloon rides near San Francisco.

Napa Valley Tours You Won’t Forget

How can you make most of your Napa Valley tour? Napa Valley is one of California’s most sought-after travel destinations. At every turn, everything you see is breathtaking and spectacular including the picturesque rolling hills dotted with vineyards that bear precious grapes. Wineries, big or small, can be seen everywhere. Napa Valley offers plenty of beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery to be enjoyed by tourists, like you, who flock there. And you will never run out of things to do there, either!

But how can you best enjoy Napa Valley while you’re there? There are many ways to make the most out of the fun, adventure, and the sense of oneness with nature while you’re in the Napa.

Go to a hilltop winery and get breathtaking views of the vineyards. Take a winery tour. Go bicycling along Napa’s picturesque hillsides. Dine at the region’s numerous restaurants, cafes, and delis. Go and buy freshly picked produce and fruit at the farmer’s market. Attend music and food festivals.

There are endless things to do in Napa Valley. One thing that you shouldn’t forget to do while you are there is to have an otherworldly view of the region from above by taking a hot air balloon ride in the crisp, calm sunrise.

What company can provide you this one-of-a-kind experience better than Balloons Above the Valley? We offer exciting hot air balloon and wine tour packages. We guarantee you quality service and a unique experience that will delight your senses. It starts with awesome hot air balloon sightseeing and ends with our yummy and satisfying post-flight gourmet brunches.

Tempted? Well, of course we cannot ask you to leave for the hot air balloon ride hungry. We also serve pre-flight breakfast plus a mimosa drink (depending on the package).

You will have the ride of a lifetime in our hot air balloons. They will allow you to view the spectacular Napa landscape, with neat rows of grapevines, pretty clusters of trees, and the overall breathtaking colors that Mother Nature offers. You will feel the sense of tranquility, a perfect escape from the mad rush of activity down on the Napa grounds. You’re flying in the sky, and everything feels so ethereal.

Afterwards, there’s the delicious post-flight champagne brunch awaiting you. This is the opportunity to reminisce with your friends about that amazing hot air balloon flight you’ve just experienced.

Balloons Above the Valley also offers packages that include tours of wineries in Napa and Sonoma, some wine tasting, delish picnic-style lunches, and transportation services. If you don’t wish to ride on the hot air balloon, there’s also a Chase and Brunch option where you will follow your airborne friends, from the ground, along with our staff.

A hot air balloon flight is one of the must-do activities while you’re in Napa that you surely won’t forget. When you are ready for your first hot air balloon flight, choose Balloons Above the Valley. The warm hospitality of our staff and top quality service will make the whole Napa Valley tour experience even more unforgettable.