Wine Tours in San Francisco

Many people love wine and traveling, so there’s no better way to indulge their passions than doing wine tours in San Francisco. A luxurious wine tour in Napa Valley and Sonoma doesn’t have to be that expensive. All it takes is time to research the fabulous wine tour packages that will not make you break your budget.

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) has been providing highly-rated hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley for more than 30 years. Our packages and their prices are varied and cater to both individual or group’s specific tastes and budget.

One of BATV’s most popular packages is the two-day San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package, which was created just for you, our dear clients and guests. The package is for those who want to visit the Napa Valley all the way from the San Francisco Bay Area. We give you a pick on what’s in the two-day package, which will surely leave you breathless:

Day One:

Napa Wine Country Tours will pick you from one of the 3 meetings locations in San Francisco:

  • 4th at Mission – between corner and St. Patrick’s at 8:10 AM
  • Union Square – across from Macy’s at 8:20 AM
  • Pier 39 – in front of Hard Rock Cafe at 8:40 AM

You will be then transported to the valley inside a comfortable limo bus. Once on board, you will enjoy a fresh and delicious breakfast that consists of bagels, cream cheese, croissants, fresh fruits, and a “mimosa.” As you leave the city, you will also stop at vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge, where you will also have the chance to take photographs.

As you travel through the Wine Country, your knowledgeable chauffeur will introduce you to several points of interest along the way. They are also ready to answer questions you want to ask. You will get to discover several wineries, from the top global players such as Domaine Chandon and Castello di Amorossa to the best-kept secrets like Artesa Vineyards and Winery and Miner Family Vineyards. You will also have the opportunity for wine tastings at the Jacuzzi and an olive oil tasting at the Olive Press to please your senses.

This will be followed by a yummy and delectable picnic lunch. After that, you will be transported to the hotel of your choice (hotel fees not included).

Day Two

This is the day where you will take your sunrise hot air balloon adventure. You should never leave for the hot air balloon site with an empty stomach so a hot, fresh breakfast with Starbucks coffee will wake up your sleepy senses.

You will be then be picked up from the hotel of your choice to the hot air balloon site as the sun is about to rise. This is where the adventure starts!

BATV’s experienced hot air balloon pilots will have you in safe hands. Then you will be slowly and gently lifted up in the air, and the higher you are, the more exciting you will be to see the beautiful sights of the Napa Valley from another angle.

The Napa fields will be slowly be basked in the sunrise light, revealing more of its beauty. You can see the verdant vineyards, now in the form of neat, organized rows. The valleys and the hills are dotted with lush trees and bushes, against the backdrop of the blue, clear sky. You will at last experience total peace, away from the hubbub on the ground, and feel you’re at one with Mother Nature. Of course, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take pictures of the scenic beauty of the Napa Valley.

You will want to linger more, but all good things must come to an end. But at least the end will still be great because you will be treated to a delicious and fresh post-flight seasonal brunch with Domaine Chandon wine. This is the chance for you to talk about that wonderful flight you’ve just experienced.

If you want to do some last-minute shopping or sightseeing before leaving Napa, you may want to be brought to Oxbow Public Market or the Napa Valley Premium Outlets. If you choose to do so, you will be brought to the Ferry Terminal in Vallejo, California. Lastly, you will take the ferry back to San Francisco.

Otherwise, if you want to go back to San Francisco right after the brunch, then you will be transported by a ferry back to the city. Whether you choose either of the two options, we provide you free tickets for your ferry transportation.

Apart from the San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour package, BATV also offers other exciting sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour packages that may click with your preferences and budget.

A hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley at sunrise will be the thrill of your wine tours in San Francisco. And Balloons Above the Valley is the only one that will give you a unique experience like no other hot air balloon company.

Try This List of Fun Things to Do In Napa

When you choose to spend your holidays, you want to find fun things to do in Napa. You may be surprised once you begin researching the variety of the fun activities available in the region. Consider this list of fun things to do in the Napa Valley, and you’ll find they’re worth the discovery.

If you’re mostly interested in wines and things related to them including venues and events, there’s no better place for you to intensify your passions than in the Napa Valley. Take time to wander through the vineyards (this is better when guided by a professional wine expert). Visit several different wineries, from the old, traditional wineries and newer ones that boast modern facilities. Consider visiting one remarkable winery, Castelo di Amorosa, which was built in recent years but in the old 13th-century Mediterranean architecture. Have fun exploring the castle winery’s grand halls, massive caves, defensive towers, and innermost wine cellars while sampling their fine wines.

You may also want to attend food and wine festivals where you have the chance to try your hand at food and wine pairing. Napa gives you the chance to try and sip more wines — from the rare vintages down to the modern favorites. The possibilities and adventures are endless, as Napa unfolds newer and more exciting offerings for every wine connoisseur.

If you prefer the art and culture more wine tasting, the Napa Valley is never deprived of those. Rich in history, arts and culture, the region boasts several museums and studios that feature both old and modern pieces. If you love both wine and art together, then one museum named The Hess Collection Winery and Art Museum will surely satisfy your cravings for both passions. The museum has a beautiful garden, too.

Tourists absolutely love nature and parks. The Napa Valley has many of the world’s loveliest natural sights. Explore several parks such as Artesa Vineyards and Winery, Skyline Wilderness Park, the dog-friendly Alston Park, Westwood Hills Park, and so many others. You can do your morning hikes in any of these places, too.

If you ask tourists you’ve known about the highlights of their Napa vacation, they would most likely say the sunrise hot air balloon flights are what they remember most! Why is that so, you wonder? People would say that the beauty of the Napa Valley is best seen when you’re up in the sky, and it’s quite worth the try.

You may love to enter this kind of airborne adventure — it will surely be a one-of-a-kind experience — but you are concerned about the safety of riding a hot air balloon. When you choose Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), you will not feel that fear anymore. Instead, you get to be ecstatic flying in the morning sky!

Our hot air balloon pilots are licensed, have extensive experience in maneuvering flights, and are committed to conduct the safest flights for themselves and the tourists. You will be in good hands once you choose us!

Once you’re riding on a hot air balloon, you will see a different kind of beauty of the Napa Valley — like you’ve never seen before. Tidy rows of grapes, trees and shrubs that boast several shades of green in the summer; warm hues of orange, yellow and red from the trees and grapes that are ready to be harvested; and brilliant yellow fields of the wild mustard flowers and emerald greens of the hills and valleys in the winter and spring. You may never want to miss a moment by taking scenic and panoramic shots of the beautiful Napa landscape.

Balloons Above the Valley is more than just hot air balloon rides. We offer hot and delicious pre-flight breakfasts, sumptuous post-flight brunches, wine tours, and luxury transportation, and lots, lots more! We also do corporate and group meetings, weddings and wedding proposals, and exclusive flights with private post-flight brunches.

With over thirty years experience, we have been providing nothing but the safest, most enjoyable, and most unforgettable sunrise hot air balloon flights and wine tours. Include sunrise hot air balloon flights in your list of fun things to do in Napa. When you decide to choose, we hope you choose Balloons Above the Valley for the ultimate flight experience.

Northern California Activities You’ll Want to Try

Many tourists travel to California for its beautiful scenery, historical spots, world-class food and wine, spectacular events, and Hollywood, among others. There are a lot of Northern California activities that you may like to try especially when you get to visit the wine country and its vicinity.

Taking part in Northern California activities in the month of May is an excellent way to welcome spring and summer. Of course, there’s the Cinco de Mayo events which give you a good excuse to party in the Mission District. Speaking of party, there’s the Boonville’s Legendary Boonville Beer Fest where you can continue celebrating with great food and great, cold beer. If you’re feeling like a cowboy (or a cowgirl), take part on the Redding Rodeo event. When it comes to food fetes, it’s all about the salsas, the chilis, the cook-offs, artichokes, and of course chocolates.

You can celebrate June in many ways like never before. Go to some international events offered by foreign communities in California: gathering of the clans is the Scottish festival in Santa Cruz, or joining the festivities in the Filipino Pista sa Nayon in Vallejo. Enjoy the music and company by attending summer concerts. Or if you’re into cars and airplanes, check out car shows and air shows where you can discover everything from model vehicles to the real thing. June is also a great season for wine festivals, as well as for other food festivals celebrating seasonal produce, such as apricots and the freshest oysters!

And those seasonal events are only a few that we could mention here. In fact, there are so many other festivals and more exciting events that await you in Northern California. Considering that you may want to attend many of these events, you may need some places to relax, unwind, have peace and quiet to experience the natural beauty and tranquility that Mother Nature brings.

If you crave for all these things, why not take a sunrise hot air balloon ride? Not only does it bring you up, up and away from the hubbub on the ground, but it also offers you the majestic sights of the Napa Valley from another perspective. You will see neat, verdant rows of grapevines, green hills and valleys, and the overall beauty that you cannot experience when you’re on the ground. Peace surrounds you as you enjoy the beauty of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, without encountering any obstruction.

If you want only the best sunrise hot air balloon experience, consider Balloons Above the Valley. Not only do we give you the best, the safest, and the most unforgettable flights, we also provide you the highest-quality customer service that you deserve.

We are more than just hot air balloon rides. You want delicious breakfasts, sumptuous brunches, limousine and ferry transportation services, wine tours, and picnic-style lunches? We have them too! If you want a hot air balloon ride to go with your important corporate tours or to help you celebrate your special moments such as weddings and wedding proposals, we are also ready to accommodate you.

For more info and reservation details, give us a call at 800-464-6824 (toll-free) or 707-253-2222 (direct). You can also drop us a note through our e-mail address

Hot air balloons rides are a must when you are planning to tours Northern California activities — whether you’ll be in the area for the spring or summer. When you decide to include hot air balloon rides, go only to the pioneer in this field, Balloons Above the Valley.

Outdoor Fun Activities in Napa

Finding fun activities in the Napa Valley is never a hard thing to do. With its lush and natural beauty, as well as the laid-back atmosphere, the Napa Valley is conducive for rest and relaxation. However, the open space of the region also allows tourists to enjoy plenty of fun outdoor activities.

If you are the outdoorsy type who craves fresh air and adventure, you will never run out of fun activities in the Napa Valley. Consider having some fun by exploring the beauty of the Napa Valley on a bicycle ride. You can hire several road, mountain or hybrid bikes from bike rentals in the Wine Country. You may join a group of other tourist-bikers led by a local tour guide, or bike on your own and explore the beauty of Napa Valley up close! Bike along country roads or ride off-road near the vineyards.

If hiking is more to your liking, the Napa Valley has vast spaces teeming with hiking spots of virtually untouched natural beauty that you and your friends can explore! Gorgeous hiking spots such as the Skyline Wilderness Park, Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, and the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park consist of lush forests and pristine creeks. These hiking spots also have campsites so they’re also amenable to family-based activities.

It isn’t only the wines that vie for the tourists’ attention in Napa Valley – there are other amazing liquids for you to enjoy! The beautiful Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in the Napa County, shimmering just east of the Napa Valley. One of the largest bodies of water in California, the Lake Berryessa offers opportunities for water fun including swimming, kayaking, fishing, jet-skiing, and boating. You can also use the services of boat, houseboat, and jet-ski rentals, or you may want to camp out by the lake. After a hike, bike, or a stroll through the vineyards under the searing summer sun, the Lake Berryessa is the perfect place to cool down!

If golf is your passion, hit the greens at one of several courses in the Wine Country. There are a handful of world-class 18-hole, 72-par golf courses – vast, verdant, and situated against the hills and valleys. For a golf enthusiast, these golf clubs are your oyster, and a refuge from daily stress.

And speaking of a refuge, you may want a better way to escape the hullabaloo on the Napa Valley grounds – you can do that by spending a glorious trip up in the air. Yes, up in the air! Riding on a hot air balloon over the Napa Valley is not just a fun experience but also a wonderful retreat for some peace and quiet. You will also see spectacular views simply unavailable on the ground. This is one of your must-do outdoors activities while enjoying your Wine Country tours. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) can make this trip a reality for you. We assure you of an unforgettable, safe, and fun sunrise morning hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley.

A benefit of hot air ballooning over the beautiful Napa Valley is that you can do it in any season. Riding on a hot air balloon gives you a bird’s-eye view of the natural beauty, no matter the season (or because of it).

In the summer, you can see neat, verdant rows of grapevines, and clusters of trees and shrubs that dot along the valley and lush hills. During the autumn season, colors change as the Valley boasts of wonderful warm hues of red, yellow, and orange from the trees and vineyards. This is the time when the grapes have just ripened and are ready for harvesting. In the winter and spring, you’ll be astounded by the emerald greens from the hills and the brilliant yellows from the wild mustard flowers. These blooms proliferate and take center stage while the vines are in their dormant state.

Apart from the spectacular hot air balloon rides, Balloons Above the Valley also offers you other treats such as pre-flight breakfasts to wake up your senses as well as exquisite seasonal post-flight brunches while you and your friends reminisce about the wonderful flight you just had.

BATV also offers complete packages that include a tour at the vineyards (on the ground) as well as wineries, a limo service and continental breakfast (and a mimosa), an opportunity to pose pictures near the Golden Gate Bridge, picnic-style lunches, and so much more. We also accommodate group tours, exclusive and private flights as well as post-flight brunches, and also proposals and weddings. Contact us and we will assist you in booking your reservations.

We also take pride in our customer service. Our balloon flight crew is professional and experienced, so you’re guaranteed a safe flight. Our office staff and crew are warm, friendly, and accommodating.

For our amazing sunrise hot air balloon flights and wine tour packages and their pricing, check our site:

For over 35 years, Balloons Above the Valley has shared hot air balloon flights in Napa Valley. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as the best hot air balloon flight company in the region. If you’re going to add a hot air balloon flight to your outdoor fun activities in Napa Valley, choose us and you won’t regret it!

How to Plan Wine Tours in California

Wine tours in California are often best enjoyed with good planning. If you decide to take a trip to the California wine spots, most popularly Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, then it may be a little hard for you to do it. A wide array of fun activities awaits you when planning California wine tours, so a carefully thought-out plan is in order. What follows are some suggestions and tips to help you plan.

If you’re all about the wines in particular, clearly decide on which wineries you want to visit. The Napa Valley has over 300 wineries that produce the finest wines locally and internationally. You can choose any of the most popular wineries such as Beringer, Raymond, Robert Mondavi, and Sterling. Sonoma Valley, on the other hand, boasts over 200 wineries. You may want to take time to research these two wine regions and decide which of the regions interests you the most.

If you are among the first-timers embarking on California wine tours, you will most likely choose guided tours. If you have a friend with you who has visited Napa or Sonoma Valley, then you’re in luck. And speaking of guided tours, you can also plan bus or limo tours which offer a fixed itinerary. They will take you to the most visited spots including popular wineries, general sightseeing spots, and other points of interest. The great advantage about guided wine tours in California is that you don’t have to do the driving which may keep you from getting lost. But if you want a sense of thrill, you may choose to go on the wine tours on your own. Take the map with you and who knows – you may hit the less traveled roads that are worth discovering.

Do you want some luxury or do you like to camp out? The Napa and the Sonoma Valley have a wide range of lodgings from world class hotels and charming inns to RV parks and camp sites. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to include lodging while planning your wine tour.

To make your wine tour the most memorable, include a hot air balloon ride. It may seem intimidating but at the same time, it is an exciting idea. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is one of the most recognized, trusted, and recommended hot air balloon companies in the region.

So what makes BATV stand out among the other hot air balloon flight companies? The tour packages! It’s not solely our opinion, but also that of clients who have recommend us to their friends.

Our tour packages are more than just the sunrise hot air balloon flights, which are a glorious activity already! Amazing, natural sights of the Napa Valley in any season, delicious pre-flight coffee and pastries, post-flight brunch with champagne and wine tours will leave you and your pockets satisfied. You may choose from the following wine tours:

1. Sunrise Balloon flight and brunch ($209 per person)

  • Pre-flight breakfast
  • Sunrise balloon flight
  • Post-flight champagne brunch celebration

2. Sunrise Balloon flight, champagne brunch, and wine tour ($608 for two persons)

  • Pre-flight breakfast
  • Sunrise balloon flight
  • Post-flight champagne brunch celebration
  • 6-hour wine tour
  • Picnic lunch

3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package ($836 for two persons)

  • 7-hour wine tour from San Francisco in a limousine
  • Continental breakfast with mimosa
  • Stop at the vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Visits to two wineries in Napa and two in Sonoma
  • Picnic lunch at the winery
  • Olive oil tasting
  • Vineyard and production tour at one winery
  • Transfer to any hotel of your choice in Napa Valley (hotel fees additional)
  • Pick up at hotel for the hot air balloon site
  • Sunrise balloon flight
  • Post-flight champagne brunch
  • Transfer to Napa Valley location
  • Transfer to ferry terminal
  • Ferry tickets

We also offer other amazing products and services:

  • Sunrise hot air balloon gift certificates ($179 per passenger, non-refundable)
  • Chase and Brunch option ($40 per chase and brunch, with pre-flight breakfast and post-flight brunch, but clients can also choose to go with the post-flight brunch only)
  • Child rate ($165 per child, 12 years old and below, must be at least 40 inches tall)
  • Exclusive flights (Prices vary; this includes a private table at the post-flight champagne brunch)
  • Proposals and weddings*
  • Group tours/Corporate tours*

* – Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you in booking your reservation by calling 800-464-6824 or e-mailing

When making reservations, we recommend that you call us one to two weeks in advance. Usually, the busiest times of the year occur during weekends, holidays, and the months of August, September, and October. For last-minute reservations, however, we may be able to accommodate only a limited number of passengers. So even if it’s the day before you are about to go on a hot air balloon ride, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When you choose Balloons Above the Valley, you will be able to indulge in luxury but with prices that you can afford. How cool is that? In over 35 years in business, Balloons Above the Valley has provided safe and enjoyable hot air balloon flights and other delightful activities that keep customers coming back for more.

Include us in your wine tours in California. We guarantee you a truly wonderful and utterly unforgettable experience.

Don’t Forget a Balloon Ride When Planning a Napa Tour

During a Napa tour, there are several wonderful spots to visit and activities to do. So planning may be a bit of a challenge for you. This can be true especially if it will be your first time, so we offer some ideas on ways to spend your holiday in the Napa Valley.

Wine connoisseurs in particular will find Napa Valley to be a paradise. With over 300 wineries in the region that produce locally and internationally known wines, you’ll get lost in discovering the vineyards, the wineries, and the wine production as well as tasting and enjoying wines aged in deep caves and oak barrels. You won’t mind spending several days just to savor your old favorites and discover new ones.

Wine tours in the Napa Valley aren’t restricted to the wines alone. If you are a certified food-tripper, the region is teeming with several top restaurants, cafes, wine bars, and delis. You may not want to miss the food and wine festivals where the region celebrates the fresh, seasonal bounties, along with the best California wines.

Napa Valley doesn’t lack entertainment if that is where your interests lie. You can go dancing and socializing at top nightclub spots in Calistoga or catching a live concert in downtown Napa.

For those who are more adventurous, you can rent a car or a bike, and go around the vineyards by yourself or with a professional guide. For nature lovers, hit the beautiful hiking trails and camp out. You can also indulge in swimming and other water sports in Lake Berryessa.

If you don’t want to bother driving, check out the various bus or limo tours that offer guided tours of the wine country. There, you will get to see the popular wineries as well as the many sightseeing spots and other famed points of interest. You can also go aboard one of the meticulously-restored vintage trains (or rail cars). These beautiful trains also function as a moving restaurant where you can dine on excellent seasonal menus while enjoying sightseeing the vineyards outside.

If you think these activities are all that’s available in the Napa Valley, there’s something more that you shouldn’t forget: a hot air balloon ride! Whether it will be your first time or you have done them in the past, hot air balloon rides are always a fun and novel experience.

Hot air balloon rides give tourists an experience like no other. You may have seen the beauty of the valley but a sunrise hot air balloon ride will enable you to view the landscape as one huge real-life painting. You can enjoy the various shades of green as you watch the neat rows of grapevines, trees, shrubs, and grasses pass below you if you visit during the summer. Autumn visitors will see the warm colors of red, gold, yellow, and orange. Brilliant yellows and emerald greens can be enjoyed during winter and spring.

When you plan to include hot air balloon rides in your Napa tour, choose the pioneer in this field: Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). BATV has worked hard for over 35 years to build our reputation as one of the best and safest providers of hot air balloon flights to tourists in Napa Valley.

We do more than provide sunrise hot air balloon flights (which are a treat already), we also provide other amenities such as pre-flight breakfast and coffee, post-flight brunches, wine tours, wine and olive oil tastings, picnic lunches, luxury transportation, and so much more. Our sunrise hot air balloon tour packages offer you luxury but at competitive prices. For more details for our sunrise hot air packages and other offers, you can find the information at

When you next plan a Napa tour, be sure not to forget the hot air balloon ride! It will surely be an exhilarating and unique experience that you won’t forget. Balloons Above the Valley stands out among the rest for providing premium-quality hot air balloon riding experiences for over three decades.

Napa Activities – Plan a Girl’s Weekend

Napa activities are perfect for every girl who needs a weekend to have fun, keep her sanity and rejuvenate her soul along with her girlfriends. There are a smorgasbord of fun things for you and your gal pals when you choose Napa Valley as your next weekend destination.

Napa Valley is a beautiful location and this is just one reason for you and your friends to choose a weekend getaway here. Aside from the region’s unbeatable natural beauty, there are also lots of great places and activities to enjoy, explore, and relax. As girls love to shop and dine, Napa Valley offers an impressive array of restaurants, premium outlets, markets, boutiques, and souvenir shops. The area also does not fall short of entertainment as the region sizzles with activity. Dance the night away in Calistoga, or hit the bars in downtown Napa for great live music.

After all the hectic activities, you and your girlfriends will want to loosen up at any of valley’s highly-rated massage spas and wellness centers. Relax, unwind, and forget your cares as you and your girlfriends chat about how amazing your food and shopping have been.

As females are generally fickle, girls will want nothing but the best in their weekend holiday. As you are planning your Napa trip, plan to research for a nice place to stay. A great hotel with an excellent and comfy bed, a terrace that provides you and your friends a place for al fresco breakfasts and drinks and chatting, as well as a great view of the Napa landscape. It won’t hurt that your choice of a hotel can also have a live bar, a massage spa, and a restaurant or café, too. In other words, your hotel should be a vacation in itself.

To explore the best of the region, hiring a driver is recommended. A driver who knows his way around the Valley will definitely take the stress out of navigating the region on your own. But if you want to tread the roads for a dash of adventure, rent a car (or a bike), have a brochure with you, and go discover wonderful places you’ve never been to before.

A visit to Napa Valley won’t be complete without doing the most essential activities — tasting the wines and exploring the vineyards and the wineries. If you and your girlfriends love wine in particular, then Napa Valley must be your paradise. Explore the barrel rooms and the deep wine caves. You may also have the opportunity to get a sip or two while walking through the vineyards. This would be a great experience that you and your girlfriends will share and should be included in your weekend getaway plans.

However, there is one more thing that you and your girlfriends will want to experience during your Napa activities. A hot air balloon ride perhaps? At first, a hot air balloon ride sounds a bit intimidating but as time nears it sounds more like an exciting escape from the hubbub on the Napa grounds.

You and your gal pals, however excited at the prospect of riding a hot air balloon, may have some concerns about it. But once you pick Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) for your hot air balloon adventure, you’ll know you are in good hands.

Our staff at BATV is fully experienced and knowledgeable so we put your safety as our first priority. But we also know how to make your hot air balloon ride utterly fun and enjoyable!

Balloons Above the Valley offers amazing sunrise hot air balloon packages. The highlight comes, of course, when you and your girlfriends take what will be the ride of your lifetime. You’ve never seen the beauty of the Napa Valley in the way that you will when you’re up in the air. Neat rows of grapevines, pretty clusters of trees, and gorgeous verdant hills are what make for an enchanting, peerless, natural beauty of the Napa Valley while you’re flying. In the cool, calm, morning breeze, you’ll feel the warm rays of sunshine that greet you as you and your friends fly along and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Napa Valley. Your spirits and soul rejuvenate; you’ll feel as if you’re one with Mother Nature.

Because we at BATV conduct our hot air balloon rides in the safest way, you’ll finally forget your initial worries and will enjoy your heavenly (pardon the pun) time sight-seeing and taking pictures of the breathtaking Napa landscape. Most likely, you won’t forget the chance to pose for a souvenir selfie with you and your friends, with the magnificent Napa scenery in the background. Yes, it’s safe to do it once you choose us!

Of course, BATV’s sunrise hot air balloon packages don’t only provide you with the best hot air balloon rides alone. There are also superb pre-flight breakfasts (consisting of Starbucks coffee, tea, hot chocolate and freshly-baked assorted pastries and muffins), that will make your group ready for the flight. Sumptuous and fresh seasonal post-flight brunches with Domain Chandon champagne provide the perfect way to end your awesome morning after an amazing flight.

Our packages also provide tours to Napa’s premium wineries, picnic-style lunches, and luxury wine tours on a limousine, Continental breakfast with a mimosa, olive oil tasting, and so much more. Want to learn more about our astounding sunrise hot air balloon tour packages? Check these out here at this link: You will also have an idea regarding the rates of each of our packages, as you plan to include a hot air balloon ride in your Napa activities. To book your reservations ahead, contact us through the following details: Phone: 800-464-6824 (toll-free); 707-253-2222 (direct) or E-mail:

If you and your girlfriends plan to include a hot air balloon ride as part of your weekend bonding in Napa, you will never regret if you choose Balloons Above the Valley. Our longevity in the business, superior service, warm hospitality and utmost safety are guarantees that you and your gal pals will enjoy Napa activities as well as have a worry-free, enjoyable, and unforgettable flight – and in style!

Napa Tours – Balloon & Wine Tours to Remember

If you love wine or travel, or both, there is no more perfect way to indulge your passions than Napa tours. Visiting Napa Valley offers plenty of things for every tourist who craves the taste of the best wines, thrilling adventures, and breathtaking sights that are too beautiful to be forgotten.

Napa Valley draws in about 2 million tourists a year, so it’s no doubt that the prestigious wine region has lots of reasons why it is the place to go for a holiday. Aside from taking a tour to the vineyards and the wineries, there are numerous excellent places to shop, dine, have fun, and relax. In terms of spectacular sights, the Napa Valley is never short of those. In fact, the region is brimming with astonishingly beautiful natural wonders that await every tourist to see and revel in — and the Valley is always beautiful any day, any season year round. If tourists want a dash of adventure, the region also has it.

If you are a thirsty, adventurous traveler with a particular taste for wines, Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers packages that will ultimately satisfy your craving for wine and travel. One of them is the Balloon and Wine Tour Package. This package gives you and your friends the privilege to visit 4-6 premium wineries in the Napa Valley. Remember that wineries change daily to suit your preference; however, there is no strict routine because the Wine Country is the place to indulge your desires — any way you want. Discover the time-honored process of wine making from grapes to glass. Have a chance too, to taste premium wines from small, boutique wineries that are popular to locals.

Aside from visits to the best wineries in the region, the Balloon and Wine Tour Package offers you other privileges that you and your friends will enjoy. Sumptuous and delectable picnic-style lunches, luxury limousine transportation, and so much more. Of course, your Napa tours at BATV won’t be complete without the much-awaited highlight: a glorious ride on a hot air balloon in a beautiful sunrise morning, over the breathtaking Napa Valley landscape that basks in the bright, warm morning sun.

If you want unforgettable sight-seeing during your Napa tours, you may want to take no other extraordinary way to do it other than riding on a hot air balloon! BATV offers packages that will suit your desires and your budget. Most of these packages will surely leave you coming back for more!

To be able to fully appreciate the sunrise hot air balloon ride, you’ll need something to perk you up in the morning. Most of our hot air balloon packages offer you delicious and warm pre-flight coffee and pastries that will surely fill your bellies, awaken your senses, and get you more inspired to take your hot air balloon ride.

Once you’re aboard the hot air balloon, you will be taken on a ride of a lifetime. Sure, you have seen the beauty of the region from the ground, but once you’re up in the air the view of the Valley will be definitely much more spectacular. The vineyards will appear in small, neat rows of trimmed clusters of verdant foliage, as well as fruit trees and shrubs, and majestic-looking hills. In the autumn, you will witness the wonderful play of warm colors — yellow, red, and orange — of the trees, shrubs and grapevines that are ready for the harvest. In the winter, you will get to enjoy the explosion of vivid yellows and greens. In this particular season, emerald-green hills perfectly complement the bright canary-colored wild mustard blossoms that proliferate around dormant vineyards.

After that extraordinary hot air balloon ride, you and your company will be feted with a heavenly post-flight champagne brunch celebration. Over brunch and champagne, you will be able to talk about how wonderful your hot air balloon flight has been and then wish you could experience that kind of adventure again!

Balloons Above the Valley guarantees that visitors will get their money’s worth with these wonderful balloon and wine tour options for you to enjoy:

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and Brunch
2. Sunrise Balloon Flight – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour
3. San Francisco Balloon & Wine Package
4. Chase and Brunch Option

Aside from those standard packages, BATV also does corporate and group tours, proposals and weddings, and exclusive flights (with private table at the post-flight brunch celebration). Children can also enjoy the hot air balloon flight if they’re 12 years old and above and are at least 40 inches in height.

You may check out our page for more details of our balloon and wine tours packages: Or you may drop as a note by e-mailing us at

When you want to go hot air ballooning in summer (being the most popular season for this activity), spring, autumn, and even winter — Balloons Above the Valley will be glad to assist you with booking your reservation.

Napa Valley has almost everything discerning tourists want — the best wines, world-class amenities, and places for fun and relaxation. It also has unbeatable, awesome scenery, as well as the ins-and-outs of winemaking. Looking for something else beyond the usual? Take on the hot air balloon rides to make your Napa holiday a trip to remember. When you decide to include hot air balloon rides as part of your Napa tours, choose the first and the still best company for your hot air balloon flight, Balloons Above the Valley.

Things to Do In the Bay Area

Are you looking for things to do in the Bay Area? The Bay Area is an area surrounding the San Francisco Bay, in the northern region in the state of California. It boasts some major cities in the country including San Francisco. You bet that there are many things to do in city and the Bay Area in general.

You’ll never run out of fun things to do around the Bay, which is brimming with beautiful, fun and relaxing destinations and attractions that will surely leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s your first time to visit the Bay Area or you’ve been to it many times, the place never fails to astound you with delightful surprises.

A visit to the area won’t be complete without stopping to look at one of the region’s most famous landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge. Take your posterity pics or selfies with the legendary bridge as the majestic background. Hop in to San Francisco’s famous cable cars as a great way to explore the sights of the city.

San Francisco (and the whole of California, as well) is truly a vibrant and cosmopolitan region, a melting pot of many different races and cultures. If you love the arts and culture, you will be sated with things you truly love by visiting San Francisco’s premiere art destinations. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is considered one of the prestigious art museums in the world. Aside from SFMOMA, there are other interesting and noteworthy museums, exhibits and places to brush up on your interest in history and different cultures.

If your idea of fun and entertainment should be conducted at night, Bay Area sizzles with a number of nightlife clubs, and spots to eat and drink. Have an awesome night dancing with other enthusiasts as world-renowned club DJ’s lead you to fun and endless hours of dancing. Chill out at several lounge bars in the area, have a drink and a have a chat with your old friends or meet new ones along the way.

As cosmopolitan as San Francisco Bay Area is, there’s no question that the cuisine here is an explosion of different flavors and textures. The Bay Area is a buffet of seemingly endless options to satisfy your culinary adventure. Of course, there are the good ol’ American fares, and then there are also the European, Latin American, and Asian cuisine that will tickle your palate. The region boasts over 100 restaurants and hole-in-the-wall establishments so food-tripping is always a gratifying adventure in San Francisco.

The Bay Area is also the home of the Napa Valley, a small viticultural area that produces many of the best wines in the world. You may not want to miss a visit to Napa Valley especially if you are a wine-loving enthusiast and at the same time longing for the beauty of nature.

Winery tours in the Napa Valley consist of visiting the vineyards and the wineries as well as to sip the best of the region’s wines. Visit the premium and boutique wineries and take a sip on the region’s famous products: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and a lot more. There are many companies that offer tour packages around the Wine Country, and some of them offer luxury transportation and exclusive, private tours for their clients to enjoy.

If there’s another unique way to explore the Wine Country, why not go on a hot air balloon ride? This is the best way to discover and appreciate the beauty of the Napa Valley basking under the morning sun. A hot air balloon sounds intimidating at first, especially for the uninitiated, but once people experience it they will surely wish for more!

Hot air balloon rides are a one-of-a-kind experience you shouldn’t miss. If you decide to include this activity in your Bay Area travel, look no further than Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). BATV has been providing safe, comfortable, and utterly enjoyable hot air balloon rides for over 35 years. Our staff is fully experienced, as well as hospitable and warm so you will always feel you’re in good company.

Hot air balloon flights can be done in any season in Napa Valley. As you are up in the cool, calm morning air, you will get to see the neat, verdant rows of grapevines, trees and other foliage in the summer; the colors of yellow, orange and red landscape in the autumn; and the emerald green hills and vivid yellow wild mustard blooms that envelop the valley in the winter and spring. If you want to fly in a hot air balloon ride in any season, BATV is the way to do it!

BATV offers sunrise hot air balloon flights over the otherworldly beautiful Napa landscape. And it’s not just our highly-rated hot air balloon flights that have been sought after by clients for decades. We also have fun, interesting, and exciting things for you to enjoy and remember for years to come.

Have a warm and fresh pre-flight breakfast to get you up for the big moment. After the sunrise hot air balloon ride, end your morning on a glorious note with a post-flight brunch with champagne to celebrate the successful flight you’ve just had. Longing for more wine tasting? No problem, as BATV also offers sunrise hot air balloon tour packages that include a visit to the premium wineries in Napa and Sonoma, as well as a vineyard and production tour at one winery to discover the process of winemaking. Aside from hours of wine tour, you will also enjoy other perks such as olive oil tasting, picnic-style lunches, Continental breakfast with a mimosa, and world-class transportation.

For information regarding our pricing and booking your reservations, drop as an email at You may also call us at 800-464-6824.

Dining, shopping, enjoying the night, and visiting museums to get a dose of culture — these are only a few of the many things that the Bay Area has to offer. But a hot air balloon ride is definitely one of the must-try things to do in the Bay Area. If you decide to go on the ride of your lifetime, pick Balloons Above the Valley. We ensure the safest, most fun, wonderful, and unforgettable hot air balloon flight you’ll ever have.

Napa Tours – There Are More Ways to Arrive Than By Car

Do you want to know what Napa tours are all about? Napa Valley offers exciting tours and adventures that await millions – yes, millions – of tourists and wine lovers around the world who flock to the region each year. Exploring the Napa Valley is already an adventure of itself. However, exploring Napa Valley via different modes of transportation provide an element of intrigue and excitement. They can also give tourists the chance to see the captivating beauty of the Napa Valley in an altogether different perspective.

Since enotourism – or wine tourism – began in the Napa Valley during the 1970s, both the wines and tourism business in the region have been flourishing. Several transportation operators are cashing in on the prosperous Napa Valley enotourism by offering their services to tourists. One of the typical ways to experience Napa Valley and Sonoma is to travel by car. There are car rental businesses that you can go to, if you want to hit the roads by yourself while exploring the natural wonders of the Valley and discovering the process of winemaking. It’s helpful that you do some research first on several car rental companies in the Valley especially in regards to the rates that they offer. You don’t want to forget to compare prices.

There are many other ways to explore and experience Napa Valley other than by driving or riding a car. Another travelling experience is to ride a magnificently restored train that will take you to Napa and St. Helena. You will not only take pleasure at the gorgeous sights of the Valley but you will also get to have lunch while you’re in transit.

If you are a first-time tourist or are visiting the region in a group, shuttle buses are always an ideal way to explore the natural beauty of the Valley. They also provide tours around the wineries.

Napa Valley’s peerless scenery and natural wonders inspire you to consider other options – there are jeep rides, biking, boating, motorcycling, horseback riding, or just hiking and exploring by foot. Or if you can afford it, you can ride a classic limousine or the extended Humvee limo for luxury wine tours.

And who could ever forget hot air ballooning? The Napa Valley has earned a reputation as one of the best places in the world to go for a hot air balloon ride. And why not? You could say that the Napa Valley has all the things – wonderful natural scenery, gentle, stable morning winds – that are conducive to this type of transportation. Hot air ballooning is truly a marvelous way for visitors who are looking for something more magical out of their Napa tours.

There are several hot air balloon ride companies currently operating in the Napa Valley but only Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is guaranteed to make your airborne ride truly a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

With our amazing morning hot air balloon rides packages, Balloons Above the Valley will give you something beyond the ride. Of course, we won’t allow you to have your sunrise balloon flight hungry and lethargic, so we offer you pre-flight coffee and pastries for breakfast to keep you up on your feet and excited for the airborne journey.

Next, time to hop in the hot air balloon and experience what will be the ride of your lifetime. In the crisp, gentle and stable morning wind – perfect weather for a hot air balloon flight – it feels like you’re on top of the world.

Once you’re on a hot air balloon, you will get to see the beautiful, vast natural expanse of the Napa Valley. This includes tidy rows of grapevines, gorgeous clusters of trees and shrubs, and the overall breathtaking, unbeatable display of colors that Mother Nature offers, depending on the season. In the summer morning, you will be amazed at Napa’s wonderful shades of green, something that you may have not noticed before when you’re on land. While in the fall season, on the other hand, you will be certainly dazzled by a magnificent display of warm, golden colors of the trees and the vineyards, whose grapes are ready to be harvested.

And with the mad rush going on the Napa grounds – crowded restaurants, live gigs and music festivals, food and wine festivals, and the like – a hot air balloon ride is a perfect getaway from all the stress and the noise. Once up in the air, you will feel a genuine calmness and true oneness with Nature. Of course, you may not want to miss the opportunity to take pictures of the wonderful sights of the Napa Valley with your camera or smartphone.

You wish the airborne journey never ends, but as is said, all good things must come to an end. However, we at Balloons Above the Valley provide a delightful and satisfying end to your hot air balloon flight. We don’t want you to conclude your flight feeling hungry and enervated. We provide delicious and satisfying post-flight brunches for you and your friends. This is also the perfect time for you to talk about how your hot air balloon flight took your breath away.

Here is a list of our standard hot air balloon packages:

  1. Sunrise Balloon Flight – a pre-flight breakfast, sunrise balloon flight, and post-flight brunch
  2. Sunrise Balloon Flight/Champagne Brunch/Wine Tour – a pre-flight breakfast, sunrise balloon flight, post-flight brunch with champagne, and a winery tour
  3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package – This package offers lots for tourists who want to discover more of the wine production aside from the sunrise hot air balloon flight. They will have free transportation (including a limo bus service with on-board Continental breakfast and mimosa), wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, champagne brunch, picnic lunches, ferry rides and so much more. You may want to know more about this package through this link:
  4. Chase and Brunch – for those who don’t want to ride on the hot air balloon. Along with the BATV staff, you will get to follow on the hot air balloon on the ground while your party takes their flight. A pre-flight breakfast and a post-flight brunch are also included, but you may also opt to have a post-flight brunch only.

We’ve added a few new special packages to accommodate more clients:

  1. Exclusive Flights – where you and your friends and family members will get to enjoy an exclusive hot air balloon flight and a private table at our post-flight brunch celebration. Yes, all the flights and the table to yourselves.
  2. Proposals and weddings
  3. Group tours and company tours – your party should consist of at least 10 passengers

BATV also provide rides for the children, 12 years and under, as long as they are at least 40 inches in height.

Please contact our office for assistance with booking the package of your choice, as well as the pricing of our special tour packages. For more complete details, head on to our page:

If you want to surprise your loved ones on their special day, you may also purchase our Weekday Gift Certificates ($179 per passenger, non-refundable). Please contact our office for more details on how to purchase our weekday flight vouchers, or check our webpage:
The Napa Valley – with its rich winemaking history, healthy wine industry and of course the unbeatable scenery – offers many options for tourists who want to discover the region. You may want to explore it on wheel or by foot. But if you want to make your Napa tours more unique and truly unforgettable, why not ride a hot air balloon? If you decide to do so, choose the pioneer of quality hot air balloon rides for your Napa tour – Balloons Above the Valley.