What to Expect from a First Wine Tour Near San Francisco?

If you haven’t been to Napa Valley or are a budding wine lover then you cannot pass up the chance to have your first wine tour near San Francisco. The “City by the Bay” is a good starting point for visiting neighboring areas such as the Napa Valley.

As a first-timer you most likely will want guided tours, especially if you do not have a fixed or planned itinerary of your own. If you also want some adventure on your first Napa wine tour, a sunrise hot air balloon ride would be a fantastic idea. Once you choose to include a hot air balloon adventure to your list, choose a hot air balloon operator with a wealth of experience, quality service, amazing wine tour packages, and great reputation with clients. These are some of the reasons why Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) has been chosen as the top hot air balloon operator for a lot of first-time visitors to Napa Valley who wish to include a hot air balloon ride with wine tours.

If you’re staying in San Francisco but would also like to visit the Wine Country, BATV has the San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package. For only $836 per two passengers, experience the best wines and the best hot air balloon experience for two days!

Day one of this package consists of visits to two wineries in Napa and two in Sonoma. In the morning, a limo bus service courtesy of Napa Valley Wine Country Tours will arrive in San Francisco’s downtown to pick you and the other guests up. Then they’ll take you on your Wine Country journey! As you leave the city, enjoy on board-breakfast with a mimosa, as well as a stop-over at a vista point of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Discover the delectable differences between the Napa and Sonoma wines. Enjoy the chance for an olive oil tasting. Please yourself with a picnic-style lunch set against an idyllic country setting.

Day two will be the hot air balloon ride adventure! Before you actually take the flight, a wonderful breakfast consists of freshly baked pastries and Starbucks coffee awaits you and the other guests, at the lobby of the Napa Valley Marriott. A brief orientation from the hospitality staff follows, and after that you’ll be driven to the launch site!

As you arrive at the hot air balloon launch site, you might still be able to watch as the balloons are inflated. Once the preparations are done and you are comfortably settled in the spacious wicker basket, you are now ready to have the ride of your life!

Once the balloon leaves the ground you will gradually get to see the Napa Valley from a bird’s eye view. Be amazed by the immaculately-planted rows of the lush vineyards. Hills that look majestic from the ground now seem like little green mounds when viewed from the sky. Observe the angular roofs of the houses, hotels, and estates among the endless rows of vineyards. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR camera or your smartphone to snap up amazing pictures of the beautiful country surrounding Napa Valley.

After the one-hour balloon flight, you and your guests will celebrate the successful journey with a champagne brunch.

And that’s not the end! If you wish to do some shopping or sightseeing after the champagne brunch, our chauffeur will drop you off at either the Oxbow Public Market or The Napa Valley Premium Outlets, before being driven to the Ferry Terminal in Vallejo to take you back to San Francisco. You may also want to be transported directly to the ferry terminal after the brunch.

If you’re going to have a first wine tour near San Francisco, you might as well make it more special! Choose Balloons Above the Valley for your eventful and memorable first Napa Valley experience.

Experience a Napa Tour Like Never Before

Planning a Napa tour is never that easy, because you will be faced with so many things to do! There’s so much to do in Napa Valley. Start by visiting the vineyards and the wineries. Then be sure to dine on your favorites – first-rate cuisine to roadside burgers. Take time to shop for souvenirs or artisanal food products and organic produce. You can also enjoy visiting museums or live performances, relax at a spa, take in some general sightseeing, and so much more.

But the question is how would you get to and around Napa Valley? Usually, one is quick to assume that going to and around the valley would mean using a car. After all, Napa Valley boasts 45,000 acres of vineyards spread out across 30 miles of mostly rural land. So even tourists who don’t have cars assume that getting to and around Napa by car is the most practical choice, that’s why they think of renting a car or hire guided car tours.

However, you can explore Napa Valley even without the conventional car. Some of the alternatives are even surprisingly affordable, and provide loads of fun as well. Try a different way to travel to Napa — for instance, how about by boat? There are ferries that operate from the San Francisco to Vallejo, which is a city a short distance from Napa. There are one-way tickets, but if you plan to go back to the city via the same route, you may save more by buying a “day pass” which covers the round-trip. The ride will also be scenic. You will definitely do some sightseeing and taking photos of the Bay Area’s famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the San Francisco skyline.

The ride from San Francisco to Vallejo terminal takes about an hour, but you’re not quite to Napa yet. You have to take public transport to actually get there. Fortunately, there is good public transportation in the area. Take one of Napa’s VINE Transit buses and take the Route 10, which will bring you from the Vallejo ferry terminal to downtown Napa in about 40 to 50 minutes for a little over two dollars (rates may be subject to change without prior notice).

When you’re amongst the vineyards, why not go biking instead of just traveling by foot? Pedal your way among the lush vineyards while catching the fresh, cool breeze. There are a lot of bike rentals in Napa, and even some of the lodgings offer them, too. It’s up to you whether you want a guided bike tour or to bike on your own (and discover a hidden gem in “off-the-beaten-path” small wineries!).

If you’d like a faster way to get around Napa, take a motorcycle tour. A lot of operators also offer motorcycle tours through the wine country. Some of these tours are guided and have a fixed itinerary which offers a trip to the less-traveled destinations in and around the Bay Area and the Wine Country.

Experience another different way of traveling around Napa Valley by horseback riding! If you especially love horses and horseback riding, then you might not want to pass up this chance — imagine riding on a horse among vineyards that overlook the idyllic Napa countryside. There are several operators that offer wine tours which also include a horseback riding through the vineyards (often guided by experienced and professional wranglers) and riding lessons.

Riding a train is a good idea, too. But riding a train and having dinner inside these railroad cars is a fantastic idea! You can do that with Napa Valley Wine Train, where its fabulously restored vintage rail cars are also moving restaurants. Enjoy the grand rail cars’ interior architecture, plush furniture, multiple-course gourmet meals, fine dining service, and fantastic view of the vineyards and the hills while inside the rail car.

A hot air balloon is another fantastic way of exploring Napa Valley. Why is it so fantastic? It’s because it allows you to view the Napa Valley from an entirely different. Get to see immaculately planted rows of lush vineyards, rolling hills, deep valleys as you gently float in the sky. Be prepared to see the sun rise to wake the sleeping fields and valleys. Don’t forget to bring your camera along!

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) should be your first choice when you decide to include hot air balloon rides with your Napa Valley wine tours. For over four decades, we have provided the best hot air balloon experience ever in Napa. We offer amazing packages that not only consist of the hot air balloon rides, but also wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, pre-flight breakfasts and post-flight brunches, and other exciting perks!

As for safety, you do not have to worry because our FAA certified hot air balloon pilots are among the most professional and experienced. They also love the outdoors, meeting people and adventure. You and the other guests will be also entertained by our pilots as they point to other sites of interests as they maneuver the vessel.

We welcome you to have a look around our website for information on hot air balloons, our sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour packages, reservations, and other things that you may want to know about BATV. We also welcome any questions you may have; you may call us at 1-800-464-6824.

If you crave a Napa tour that is like no other, choose Balloons Above the Valley for a whole new adventure!

Hot Air Ballooning with BATV Is Sure to Please

When having wine tours in and around San Francisco you may also want to include hot air ballooning with BATV or Balloons Above the Valley.

BATV has been in the business of providing hot air balloon rides for over four decades. Our longevity in the business is a sure indication that we provide nothing but the best hot air balloon rides over the Napa Valley during the sunrise hour.

What makes our hot air balloon rides sure to please? First is the rare and unique experience that you’re going to enjoy while you’re flying thousands of feet from the ground. Unlike flying above the vineyards in other aircraft like as a helicopter or a glider, flying in a hot air balloon provides these advantages — open-air and it’s virtually noiseless. Plus, it also allows you to enjoy 360-degree views of the immaculately neat rows of the lush vineyards, rolling hills, deep valleys, the angular tile roofs of the homes, hotels and the estates that are situated amongst the vineyards, and the sun rising from the horizon. You might hover over or skim some lakes, trees and roofs as you make your way up the sky, or descend toward the ground.

BATV always thinks about the enjoyment of the clients who wish to fly with us. We are more than just wonderful sunrise hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley. Of course, we also want to make sure that our clients enjoy our time with us from beginning to end. You, as one of the guests, will wake up to a hot breakfast with freshly baked pastries and Starbucks brewed coffee. After the one-hour balloon flight, you and the other guests will be led to a delicious and seasonal brunch with a sparkling wine.

If you also wish to visit the wineries, look no further because BATV also offers wine tours. Depending on the type of BATV hot air balloon/wine tour packages you choose, you may either want to have a six-hour wine tour after taking the hot air balloon ride, or have more extensive wine tours not only in Napa Valley but also in Sonoma Valley. If you are living or vacationing in San Francisco and are wishing to visit the vineyards and the wineries, BATV will even pick you up from the city and transport you to the wonderful California wine country. Enjoy the delectable differences between the Napa and Sonoma wines, olive oil tasting and a picnic-style buffet lunch in an idyllic setting as you visit from one winery to the next.

Last but not the least, BATV has the most excellent, competent, and people-oriented staff you’ll find. Almost all of the guests who have flown with us rave about the experience and the professional level that our pilots display. And they cannot be wrong! Our pilots are experienced and extensively trained not just to maneuver the hot air balloons, but also to become customer-oriented. They are not just pilots; they are also tour guides in a way! Our pilots will point to other sites of interest and tell interesting and wonderful stories while keeping you and the other guests safe.

Even if you make the last-minute booking or reservation, our attentive staff will see to it that your reasonable requests will be met. The regulations imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration have maintained the straightforwardness of our hot air balloon rides and wine tours.

With all these factors, you can be sure that hot air ballooning with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is sure to please! Are you interested in flying with us? We’ll look forward to your call.

Fall Months Are Perfect for a Wine Tour in San Francisco

In our opinion, there’s really no bad season to do a wine tour in San Francisco. And the fall months are no exception. In fact, a lot of people who have gone to San Francisco and the neighboring Wine Country have attested that autumn is indeed the perfect season to visit.

This may be true especially for the California wine country like the Napa Valley. Its endless rows of grapevines boast some of the most striking, dazzling colors anywhere you look. Each varietal changes itself into a different color, and the vineyards themselves turn into dazzling warm hues of yellow, orange, and red. Much of the rolling hills and some trees remain green throughout the year.

The striking natural colors alone are worth a visit in October and especially in November. The fall season is also the time for harvesting grapes to be made into wines. The region celebrates the bountiful harvest by mounting several festivals such as the grape stomping festivals with live music, local cuisine, and of course a variety of wines. Some wineries offer guests a one-day experience to get a glimpse at what it’s like working at a winery, from picking and sorting grapes to testing the wine’s alcohol and sugar levels. Even some wineries allow you to customize your own wine blends to take home!

The fall months may give a lot more focus on wines than any other season but the activities don’t stop there. Other non-wine or non-grape activities include art, music and film festivals, fitness (such as yoga and Pilates) classes, photography classes, and “Cooking with Julie” classes.

Autumn might also be the best time for the family to have a weekend getaway at Napa Valley. The beautiful colors of the fall and the milder temperatures make a day in Napa absolutely wonderful. Family activities include golfing, shopping, dining and picking pumpkins, which will be fun especially for the kids!

If you are planning to visit San Francisco in the fall, this would be the right opportunity for you to explore the enchanting beauty of the Wine Country this season. A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to enjoy unlimited views of the Napa Valley. Soar above the immaculate rows of golden grapevines and mountains cradled by rolling valleys. To fully experience the beautiful sights and flavors of the fall, choose Balloons Above the Valley, the pioneer of hot air balloon rides for tourists for four decades. Our “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” will be the perfect option for tourists in San Francisco who also wish to take a tour to the Napa countryside.

Leave the driving to others because in this package as a fleet of limo buses will take you from San Francisco to the Wine Country. Visit wineries in Napa and Sonoma where you’ll discover and savor the luscious, delicate flavors of their wines. The following day, enjoy the BATV hot air balloon ride and see the golden vineyards, the green rolling hills and valleys waking up to the rays of the morning sun.

Autumn is truly perfect for a wine tour in San Francisco. The gorgeous golden landscape and the milder weather together also make it a perfect reason to go out for a ballooning adventure with Balloons Above the Valley!

Vacations in Napa Valley Don’t Have to Happen in Summer

Although summertime is considered the peak season, anytime is the perfect time to take vacations in Napa Valley. You can’t really go wrong catching the “best” season in Napa.

The highest time for the Northern California wine region is late spring until late fall. The temperature varies from hot to damp, and the nights are cool and crisp. Clusters of small grapes growing on the vines, green foliage and of course, bright and shiny days are the usual sights during the summer. Witness those clusters of grapes growing bigger and plumper as they ripen towards harvest during autumn. The days are still sunny but the winds are noticeably cooler, and the vine leaves change colors just like the leaves of the trees. This means the valleys are dominated by the golden seasonal colors.

Winter months in Napa mean a quiet countryside, barren vineyards, and cold and occasionally rainy days. But winter also means emerald hills and valleys, vast fields of brilliant yellow wild mustard blooms, slashed-down hotel rates (which you can take great advantage of), sparse crowds, and relaxed traffic. Not to mention that winter also makes a perfect excuse to curl up snugly and sip a Cabernet Sauvignon wine by the fireplace. Spring is when the tiny buds appear on the vines, some species of trees, and some flowering shrubs. The air can be damp in the spring and the night can be freezing at times, but everything feels bright, vibrant, and refreshing.

The Napa Valley is accessible by many kinds of transportation throughout the year. While a lot of people — especially Californians — swear by doing wine tours in Napa means having your own car, this is not actually true. Thankfully, there are a lot of transportation options these days that range from rented cars, public transportation, trains, and ferries. Besides, it’s not a good idea to do the driving after a few hours of wine tastings! Better leave the driving to someone else. A good suggestion is to consider Napa Valley Wine Tours — its fleet of gorgeous limousines will take you to several wineries through the valley. Not only they will do the driving, they will also help plan the tours for you. The better news is that online booking at the Napa Valley Wine Tours’ website is fast and easy, and you can even customize your own itinerary.

If you’re planning wine tours, choose the wineries that appeal most to you. If you enjoy red wines or white wines in particular, choose the winery that plugs the reds or the whites in its tours. If you love caves, choose the wineries that have one. Wine tours can be done at any time of the year. A reminder, though — a lot of the wineries can get really crowded during the summer, and some are closed during the winter, especially on Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Festivals abound throughout the year in Napa. Summer is the peak of festivals that range from food and wine to live music (many of which are held outdoors), art and cultural events. Fall is the great time to participate in harvesting and grape-stomping festivals, and other events that celebrate the bounty harvest. Winter also has a handful of festivals and events, including the Truffle Festival and the Cabernet Sauvignon release season, where these iconic, award-winning varietals are first made available for tasting and sale at several wineries.

Do you know that sunrise hot air ballooning can also be done in any season in Napa? Floating thousands of feet above the ground is the best way to do sightseeing in the region, as every season opens Napa to its particular charm and beauty. See the neat, immaculately planted rows of lush vineyards, rolling hills and valleys, as well as occasional fog. From the lush, verdant greens in the summer to the spectacular display of golden colors in autumn to fields of bright yellow and emerald green in the winter, every season is beautiful in Napa especially when seen from the floating hot air balloon.

Experience the thrill and adventure of a ballooning with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), one of the pioneers in the hot air balloon tour industry in Napa. Our seasoned and experienced pilots share your love for the outdoors and flying. They will make you feel safe through the course of the journey. Our hospitality staff brings you the warmest welcome and the best service no matter the season. In addition to the rides, BATV also provides pre-flight breakfast and the traditional post-flight brunch with sparkling wine. If you want to incorporate wine tours with the hot air balloon rides, BATV has the wine tour packages that will satisfy your passion for wines and the vineyards. We will absolutely welcome your inquiries and need for assistance in booking your tours with us at any time, in any season, of the year — not just in the summer months!

You don’t have to worry if you miss the summer months in Napa. Honestly, all seasons in Napa are the best, and each of them its own particular charm. So it doesn’t have to be summer to truly experience the best vacations in Napa Valley.

Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley No Matter the Season

You will never run out of fun things to do in Napa Valley at any time of the year — yes, even in the off season.

Sure, every fun activity depends on the season; in this case, you cannot enjoy swimming during the chillier autumn and winter seasons. But there are also fun things that you can enjoy — and enjoy all over again — throughout the year in Napa Valley, no matter the season.

Visiting wineries is one of them, of course. This is the essential activity every tourist must do when visiting Napa in any season. The wineries that you will visit really depend on your preference and budget. If you’re not much into wine, you will still be able to enjoy wine tours for other considerations such as history and background, fabulous architecture and verandas offering fantastic views of the vineyards. Some wineries are castle-like in appearance, such as Chateau Montelena (whose wines emerged victorious at the Judgment of Paris in 1976), the French chateau-inspired Domaine Carneros, and the massive Castello di Amorosa whose architecture faithfully follows the 13th-century Tuscan style — complete with moats, a drawbridge, a courtyard, and defensive towers.

Some wineries feature stunning, unique architecture that even non-wine-lovers will have fun visiting them. One such winery, the Sterling Vineyards, is the only one in Napa where you will enjoy a cable car ride which offers splendid views of the fields and the forests.

Explore the hills of the Napa Valley — in any season! Have a day hike in the hills or visit hilltop wineries and see the beauty of the Napa Valley in any season you choose. The lush, verdant hills and vineyards typically charm visitors during the summer. But some say that the fall and the winter seasons show the Napa Valley at its most beautiful. In the fall, each varietal turns a different color from the other grapes, and the vineyards boast their striking golden colors. Winter and spring, on the other hand, provide enchanting beauty in the countryside with a blanket of bright yellow mustard blooms around barren vineyards and rolling emerald green hills.

Go for a spin in downtown Napa. To buy gifts for your friends and family back home or just to treat yourself, go to Oxbow Public Market for delightful artisanal treats and high-quality, seasonal, delicious cuisine. Watch some live music and live plays, attend numerous art galleries and workshops, and a lot more!

A hot air balloon ride can be done in any season of the year… spring, summer, fall and even winter! As long as the atmosphere is calm, and the weather is cool, the hot air balloon ride can be enjoyed! As the balloon is floating gently up in the air, enjoy the spectacular views of the Napa Valley with neat, endless rows of grapevines, deep valleys, rolling hills and mountains. The whole Napa landscape brings out its beauty in every season everywhere you look. Of course, don’t forget to take pictures of the breathtaking scenery while enjoying the experience of flying in a hot air balloon during sunrise.

Enjoy the sunrise hot air balloon ride and gain beautiful, lasting memories with Balloons Above the Valley, the pioneer and the leader of hot air balloon transportation to tourists for over four decades. When you want to experience this wondrous airborne journey in any season, you can rely on us to assist you with booking your ballooning adventure.

When is the best time for fun things to do in Napa Valley? To tell you honestly, there’s actually no bad time to visit Napa Valley. Every season has its own charm in the Wine Country, and you can do anything there as you please, from visiting wineries to enjoying a sunrise hot air balloon ride and anything in between.

BATV Napa Wine Tour Packages You Will Want to Try

Napa wine tour packages are a brilliant idea because they make your Napa holiday plans easier. The rates, the itineraries, and the activities are fixed so all you have to do is to choose which of the packages suits to your preference and budget.

Sure, there are other ways in Napa which let you see the beauty of the Napa Valley, but a hot air balloon ride from Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is something else, something different! Enjoy uninterrupted, 360-degree views of the Napa Valley as the balloon gently floats up in the sky. Soar over Napa’s famed valleys nestled by several mountain ranges, rolling hills, clean, neat rows of grapevines, as well as estates and family-owned wineries that peak out among the vineyards. Greet the glorious sunrise as you are held in awe and fascination by the expansive views of the idyllic Napa countryside before you.

Here’s a look at any of the hot air balloon and wine tour packages from BATV and decide which ones you would like to try!

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight & Brunch
The base package of all the other BATV packages is priced at only $209 per guest. Have a hot and freshly prepared breakfast before the flight that consists of Starbucks coffee and freshly baked pastries from Sweetie Pies. A brief orientation ensues before you and the other guests will be driven off to the hot air balloon launch site… and the ride of your life begins!

After the wonderful one-hour sunrise hot air balloon flight, you and the other guests will be treated with a champagne brunch to celebrate the successful airborne journey.

2. Sunrise Balloon Flight – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour
This is the perfect package for wine lovers who also crave some adventure! It is similar to the Sunrise Balloon Flight & Brunch — including the pre-flight breakfast and post-flight champagne brunch. However, this package has the additional six-hour tour to four to six premium wineries in Napa aboard the limousine. Experience the time-honored process of wine making, from grapes to glass. The wine tours will then be followed by a buffet-style picnic lunch, in an idyllic setting, at one of the wineries.

The beauty of this package is its flexibility. You can opt for the wine tours immediately following your ballooning adventure, or on another day of your choice. This package is a bit more expensive, but definitely worth the cost.

3. San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package
This tour package is tailor-made for the convenience of tourists who visit the city but would also like to have a trip to the neighboring Wine Country.

No need to drive a car or hire one to take you to Napa Valley because a fleet of limo buses will pick you up from the city. You enjoy an on-board breakfast with mimosa on your trip to Napa and are able to stop and take photos of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge before the wine tour actually starts!

Visit the diverse wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley aboard the luxurious limousine ride. As you hop from one winery to the next one, discover not just the beautiful process of wine-making, but also the delectable differences between the two wine regions. An olive oil tasting is also offered between the wine tours, as well as a buffet-style picnic lunch.

The following day will be your hot air balloon adventure! After that, you will have the option to do some sight-seeing or shopping. If you choose to do so, our chauffeur will drop you off at the Oxbow Public Market or The Napa Valley Premium Outlets before you are driven to the Ferry Terminal in Vallejo. You will take the ferry back to San Francisco. If you otherwise wish to go back to San Francisco right after the champagne brunch, you will be transported to the Ferry Terminal directly.

If you plan to be a tourist in San Francisco, then you will not want to miss being a tourist in the beautiful Napa countryside! This wonderful two-day package, at $836 per two guests, is guaranteed to satisfy your hankering for wine, charming bucolic Napa landscapes, and of course the hot air balloon adventure of a lifetime.

4. Chase & Brunch
This option is only good for those who don’t want to be a part of the hot air balloon flying party, but would like to follow them from the ground. Follow the balloon from the ground along with our staff. As the flight ends, you will be able to join your party and other guests at the champagne brunch celebration. It costs $40 per chase and brunch, but you can also opt for the just the brunch alone. Please take note that this offer is limited to one person per flying passenger.

If you plan to have a hot air balloon ride adventure over the Napa Valley, Balloons Above the Valley has fine tour packages for you to enjoy! Whether you just want to experience the thrill of the hot air balloon ride, or want to do some wine tours in addition to the rides, BATV’s Napa wine tour packages have them for you.

Can You Ride a Balloon During a Honeymoon in Napa Valley?

Make your honeymoon in Napa Valley interesting by including more fun and enriching activities that will bond you closer together as a new husband and wife.

Napa Valley’s idyllic landscape certainly provides a romantic backdrop. In addition, there are wineries about, of course, and the luxurious hotels and other amenities that make the California wine region a favorite among honeymooners. Not surprisingly, many celebrity couples have taken their honeymoons in the beautiful wine region.

But honeymooners may not be aware whether or not they can ride a hot air balloon in Napa Valley. The good news, yes, they can, of course! With Napa’s boundless countryside charm, its mild climate, as well as its mostly gentle, friendly winds, it’s the perfect setting for a hot air balloon riding adventure.

Since the 18th century, hot air balloons have been enjoying the momentum and given honeymooners whole new, different perspectives on some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world like the Napa Valley. Besides, it is one of the most relaxing and most satisfying ways to view the beautiful scenery.

The usual wine tours just go on and on when you’re having a toast with your loved one on the patio. However, seeing the scenery from thousands of feet above the ground will make couples appreciate more of the lush, leafy vineyards and the rolling hills that encompass Napa Valley.

Maybe you can also pop a bottle of champagne and toast with the gorgeous scenery in the background. A toast for the new chapter of your lives, as well as the toast for a successful hot air balloon flight. Floating up in the air might be symbolic that your romance has taken a significantly higher step…what a unique and memorable way to celebrate your newly-wedded life!

Do you plan to include a hot air balloon ride to your wine tours and honeymoon? You don’t have to about it much because Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers you more fun things to do in Napa Valley.

Apart from the sunrise hot air balloon rides, you and your new spouse will also get to enjoy wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, buffet-style picnic lunches, luxurious limousine transportation, wine-tastings, pre-flight breakfasts and post-flight brunch with sparkling wine, and a lot more, depending on the tour package you choose. If you want your ballooning adventure more intimate, choose our Exclusive package where you will enjoy the basket space all to yourselves (except for the pilot, of course) and a private table at our champagne brunch.

Of course, you can ride a balloon during a honeymoon in Napa Valley! Enjoying a hot air balloon ride over the lovely Napa Valley scenery will definitely set the tone for romance! Gain lovely memories to last for a lifetime by choosing to fly with us at Balloons Above the Valley.

Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco on Your Next Trip

Whether you are honeymooning or just having a romantic getaway, you will realize that there are a lot of romantic things to do in San Francisco. With its iconic landmarks, stunning vistas, and a smorgasbord of things to do, you and your sweetie will never run out of things to see and do in the City By the Bay.

You won’t start and end your romantic vacation in San Francisco without viewing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. View the bridge through the coin-operated telescope or your own binoculars. Take pictures and selfies with the famous bridge in the background. Even seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day can nevertheless inspire romance!

One of the favorite places that couples visit is the Conservatory of Flowers at the Golden Gate Park. The Victorian-era glass-and-wooden structure houses thousands of rare and exotic flowers and plants. This could be the most romantic spot in the park. After a visit to the Conservatory of Flowers, maybe your guy will take you to San Francisco Flower Mart and give you a lovely bouquet.

Whether you both love a musical comedy or a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching drama, surprise him or her with a couple of tickets to a night of live theater entertainment at several venues in San Francisco. These include The Castro Theater, the American Conservatory Theater, and the Orpheum Theater.

If you want a very memorable dinner, why not have it at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Sky Bridge? While dining on delicious local cuisine you will also get to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the bay, making your dinner truly romantic. Sweets for your sweet? Head to Choux Bakery for the artisanal choux French cream puffs or to Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolates for chocolates and truffles that may give you extra energy for romance!

A trip to the outskirts of San Francisco can be as interesting as visiting the city. A trip to the Wine Country like the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley is surely to be a romantic experience!

But if you want to view the idyllic Napa scene from a different perspective, ride a hot air balloon at sunrise! It will definitely set your heart aflutter as you view the beautiful neat rows of grapevines, the rolling hills and valleys, the occasional fog, and the rising sun…the whole scene makes a perfect setting for romance!

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will make your romantic ride come true! If you choose one of our packages — the San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package — you will be able to enjoy wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, enjoy a picnic-style lunch in an idyllic setting at a winery, not to mention a sunrise hot air balloon flight and a champagne brunch!

Or would you like the experience to be more intimate? You can choose the Exclusive Flights option where you can also enjoy your time together alone during the sunrise balloon flight (only the pilot will be in the basket with you) as well as a private table at the champagne brunch.

There are a lot of romantic things to do in San Francisco and nearby– from seeing the Golden Gate Bridge to sampling its delicious cuisine and riding a hot air balloon above the valley. Make sure to put a check on San Francisco for your next romantic getaway!

Planning Your Napa Activities for the Fall Now

Summer in the Wine Country has come to an end, but it doesn’t mean that your Napa activities for the fall will be less exciting!

In fact, autumn could be the best time for visit to the Wine Country. It is the time where the grapes come to their full ripeness and are ready for picking and making wine. Many tourists swear that the Napa Valley is at its most beautiful in the fall season. And you’ll know why. As the grapes are now ripe and ready to be harvested, the leaves change colors from green to yellow to amber and fiery red. The same changes go for many trees. Most of the grasslands, meanwhile, remain green throughout but some of them also change colors.

If you’re somewhat averse to crowds and overbooked lodgings and restaurants that are a common sight during the summer in Napa Valley, the fall season will see a toned-down activity in tourism. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to do in the Napa Valley in the fall. If you like to get down and dirty (so to speak), participate in the region’s annual grape-stomping festival where you get to crush the ripened grapes with your feet. This will bring loads of fun especially if you bring your friends around (and more fun if they’re game for it too!).

A lot of wineries and other establishments also celebrate the harvesting season through related events such as wine and cheese pairing, food festivals and live music. Other popular events and attractions that happen during the fall include several concerts, art events, workshops, cooking classes, fun events for the kids, and so much more!

The cooler temperature in the autumn months also means less inconvenient, less tiring and more comfortable travel. We only hope that the cold won’t bother you! You can bike around the vineyards, hike at Napa’s popular hiking and camping spots, or even take a hot air balloon ride!

The cool, stable winds of the fall season is perfect for hot air ballooning. The perfect time of the day to have a hot air balloon ride is either morning or in late afternoon where people also get to have spectacular views of the sunrise and the sunset, respectively.

However, at Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) we do only sunrise hot air balloon rides but we do them in any season! We believe that mornings are great for hot air balloon rides because you will get to witness the sun rising from horizon, enveloping the whole world with light after the period of darkness of the night.

The beauty of the Napa Valley will be cast with light from the rising sun, and you will get to see the beautiful neat rows of grapevines, rolling hills and valleys that expose a multitude of fall colors from green, yellow-green, yellow, amber, fiery red and brown! Viewing the gorgeous autumn colors of the Napa when you’re flying the hot air balloon is entirely different to viewing them from the ground, or even viewing them from a hilltop winery. The altogether different perspective is really indescribable!

If you want to experience the beauty of the Napa Valley in the fall, settle for no less than Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). Not only do we provide pleasure to our clients through our sunrise hot air balloon flights, we also provide comfort and satisfaction through many perks such as pre-flight breakfasts, post-flight brunches with champagne, wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, picnic lunches, and optional sightseeing and shopping! Check out our amazing sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour packages and our rates: http://www.balloonrides.com/tour-options-pricing-reservations/

If flying with Balloons Above the Valley alone will make you want to plan your Napa activities for the fall season, go along with your heart’s desire! The gorgeousness of the Napa Valley in the spectacular colors of fall plus BATV’s wonderful service and perks will all be worth it!