Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco on Your Next Trip

Whether you are honeymooning or just having a romantic getaway, you will realize that there are a lot of romantic things to do in San Francisco. With its iconic landmarks, stunning vistas, and a smorgasbord of things to do, you and your sweetie will never run out of things to see and do in the City By the Bay.

You won’t start and end your romantic vacation in San Francisco without viewing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. View the bridge through the coin-operated telescope or your own binoculars. Take pictures and selfies with the famous bridge in the background. Even seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day can nevertheless inspire romance!

One of the favorite places that couples visit is the Conservatory of Flowers at the Golden Gate Park. The Victorian-era glass-and-wooden structure houses thousands of rare and exotic flowers and plants. This could be the most romantic spot in the park. After a visit to the Conservatory of Flowers, maybe your guy will take you to San Francisco Flower Mart and give you a lovely bouquet.

Whether you both love a musical comedy or a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching drama, surprise him or her with a couple of tickets to a night of live theater entertainment at several venues in San Francisco. These include The Castro Theater, the American Conservatory Theater, and the Orpheum Theater.

If you want a very memorable dinner, why not have it at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Sky Bridge? While dining on delicious local cuisine you will also get to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the bay, making your dinner truly romantic. Sweets for your sweet? Head to Choux Bakery for the artisanal choux French cream puffs or to Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolates for chocolates and truffles that may give you extra energy for romance!

A trip to the outskirts of San Francisco can be as interesting as visiting the city. A trip to the Wine Country like the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley is surely to be a romantic experience!

But if you want to view the idyllic Napa scene from a different perspective, ride a hot air balloon at sunrise! It will definitely set your heart aflutter as you view the beautiful neat rows of grapevines, the rolling hills and valleys, the occasional fog, and the rising sun…the whole scene makes a perfect setting for romance!

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will make your romantic ride come true! If you choose one of our packages — the San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package — you will be able to enjoy wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, enjoy a picnic-style lunch in an idyllic setting at a winery, not to mention a sunrise hot air balloon flight and a champagne brunch!

Or would you like the experience to be more intimate? You can choose the Exclusive Flights option where you can also enjoy your time together alone during the sunrise balloon flight (only the pilot will be in the basket with you) as well as a private table at the champagne brunch.

There are a lot of romantic things to do in San Francisco and nearby– from seeing the Golden Gate Bridge to sampling its delicious cuisine and riding a hot air balloon above the valley. Make sure to put a check on San Francisco for your next romantic getaway!

Planning Your Napa Activities for the Fall Now

Summer in the Wine Country has come to an end, but it doesn’t mean that your Napa activities for the fall will be less exciting!

In fact, autumn could be the best time for visit to the Wine Country. It is the time where the grapes come to their full ripeness and are ready for picking and making wine. Many tourists swear that the Napa Valley is at its most beautiful in the fall season. And you’ll know why. As the grapes are now ripe and ready to be harvested, the leaves change colors from green to yellow to amber and fiery red. The same changes go for many trees. Most of the grasslands, meanwhile, remain green throughout but some of them also change colors.

If you’re somewhat averse to crowds and overbooked lodgings and restaurants that are a common sight during the summer in Napa Valley, the fall season will see a toned-down activity in tourism. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to do in the Napa Valley in the fall. If you like to get down and dirty (so to speak), participate in the region’s annual grape-stomping festival where you get to crush the ripened grapes with your feet. This will bring loads of fun especially if you bring your friends around (and more fun if they’re game for it too!).

A lot of wineries and other establishments also celebrate the harvesting season through related events such as wine and cheese pairing, food festivals and live music. Other popular events and attractions that happen during the fall include several concerts, art events, workshops, cooking classes, fun events for the kids, and so much more!

The cooler temperature in the autumn months also means less inconvenient, less tiring and more comfortable travel. We only hope that the cold won’t bother you! You can bike around the vineyards, hike at Napa’s popular hiking and camping spots, or even take a hot air balloon ride!

The cool, stable winds of the fall season is perfect for hot air ballooning. The perfect time of the day to have a hot air balloon ride is either morning or in late afternoon where people also get to have spectacular views of the sunrise and the sunset, respectively.

However, at Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) we do only sunrise hot air balloon rides but we do them in any season! We believe that mornings are great for hot air balloon rides because you will get to witness the sun rising from horizon, enveloping the whole world with light after the period of darkness of the night.

The beauty of the Napa Valley will be cast with light from the rising sun, and you will get to see the beautiful neat rows of grapevines, rolling hills and valleys that expose a multitude of fall colors from green, yellow-green, yellow, amber, fiery red and brown! Viewing the gorgeous autumn colors of the Napa when you’re flying the hot air balloon is entirely different to viewing them from the ground, or even viewing them from a hilltop winery. The altogether different perspective is really indescribable!

If you want to experience the beauty of the Napa Valley in the fall, settle for no less than Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). Not only do we provide pleasure to our clients through our sunrise hot air balloon flights, we also provide comfort and satisfaction through many perks such as pre-flight breakfasts, post-flight brunches with champagne, wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, picnic lunches, and optional sightseeing and shopping! Check out our amazing sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour packages and our rates:

If flying with Balloons Above the Valley alone will make you want to plan your Napa activities for the fall season, go along with your heart’s desire! The gorgeousness of the Napa Valley in the spectacular colors of fall plus BATV’s wonderful service and perks will all be worth it!

Best Napa Valley Wine Tours – Which to Choose

When thinking of Napa Valley wine tours, you will have many options from which to choose. Aside from visiting the wineries, there are other things to see and do in the wine country.

If you want to have a dash of adventure with your wine tours, contact Balloons Above the Valley (BATV)’s to learn about their sunrise hot air balloon and wine tours package. They include:

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour
Start your tour with a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, then you will take a six-hour wine tour at four to six wineries plus enjoy a picnic-style lunch at one of the wineries. It’s up to you whether you want to take the wine tours right after the sunrise hot air balloon flight or the next day.

2. Sunrise Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package
Not only do people experience the thrill and the wonder of riding a hot air balloon during sunrise, but they also get to tour two wineries in Napa and Sonoma! Other perks include optional sightseeing and shopping, picnic lunch at the winery, luxury transportation (on a limo bus) from San Francisco to the Wine Country, ferry transportation back to the city (with free tickets), and lots more.

These packages pick the wineries for you to visit. However, we also wholeheartedly suggest other wineries that are worth your interest and investigation even after visiting the wineries listed in the BATV package. These wineries are some of Napa’s best-kept secrets!

Artesa Vineyards and Winery – A back-of-the-woods winery that features stunning modern architecture and an awesome collection of wines that includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, as well as sparkling wines.

Castello di Amorosa – The beautiful castle and winery, owned by Dario Sattui of the Sattui winemaking family, stays true to its 13th century Tuscan style architecture. Explore the Medieval authenticity of the castle as well as taste its line of varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Chateau Montelena – A gorgeous English Castle-style hillside winery is known for its architecture and gardens as well as its famous Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnay wines.

Cliff Lede Vineyards – This winery will take you back in time as it draws you to its appealing Craftsman-era architectural style, relaxed ambiance, stunning gardens and sculptures, and signature varietal Poetry Cabernet Sauvignon. It makes for an intimate, personal wine tour experience.

Domaine Carneros – Feel like you’re in a French countryside at the Domaine Carneros, which is obviously inspired by an 18th-century chateau in Champagne, France. Enjoy their wines at the royal-inspired salon or at the terrace that overlooks the vineyards.

Sterling Vineyards – This winery will give you a unique experience as it offers you and the other guests a tram ride over the vineyards, with a glass of wine in hand! Talk about wine-tasting with style.

The Hess Collection – After a scenic ride among the thick forested beauty, you arrive at the historic antique building which was last renovated during the 80s. Despite the ancient outward style of the house, you will find an otherwise modern art gallery inside. It is recommended to visit this stunning gallery after tasting their wines, including their signature Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon.

These are the only handful of winery suggestions for you. Ride the hot air balloon over the gorgeous Napa fields, the neat rows of grapevines that line across the rolling mounds, hills and valleys, and witness the spectacular sunrise! Then visit the wineries that are scheduled for you in the Balloons Above the Valley’s sunrise hot air balloon/wine tours package. And after that, you may want to go to other wineries that interest you.

Whether you want to visit the best-known wineries, off-the-beaten-path wineries, or wineries that are recommended by the Balloons Above the Valley’s package tours, one thing’s for sure: Napa Valley wine tours will be far from being one-note. Each winery you visit will bring out the best possible experience you can enjoy.

Napa Wine Tour Packages for Newcomers

Napa Wine tour packages are highly recommended especially for first-time visitors. It’s because of their fixed price and itinerary. The set pricing will leave new tourists more room for adjusting their budget, and the established itinerary will bring them to the places that they’re meant to visit. Often, these tour packages come with tourist guides who will stand as a chaperon for the visitors.

Budding oenophiles (a connoisseur of wines) who are about to visit the Napa Valley often look out for special offers. Some hotel operators in the region offer vacation packages that include (but are not limited to) luxury transportation to pick the visitors up from the hotel, wine tours, gourmet picnic-style lunches, breakfasts/lunches/dinners, massage and spa, and other amenities apart from the stay at the suites.

The Napa Valley Wine Train has fabulously-restored 18th-century railroad cars which also serve as an upscale mobile restaurant. The operators offer wonderful special packages for guests who wish to board this antique train. These package range from round-trip transportation from San Francisco to Napa, accommodations to partner hotels and inns, wine tours, wine-tasting, and of course a gourmet lunch or dinner aboard the train.

Many hot air balloon operators also offering their own Napa wine tour packages to entice more customers. At Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), we have a line of sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour packages that are reasonably-priced for the average first-timer in Napa:

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight & Brunch ($209 per person)
The base package that’s perfect for every first-time tourist Napa (especially when visiting solo). It starts with a breakfast, then followed by the hot air balloon flight and ends with a celebration with delicious seasonal buffet-style brunch and a sparkling wine.

2. Sunrise Balloon Flight – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour ($608 for two people)
It includes pre-flight breakfast, a sunrise hot air balloon flight, and post-flight brunch celebration.

After that, it will be followed by a six-hour wine tour. You could do the wine tours either immediately after the post-flight brunch or do them the second day.

3. San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package ($836 for two passengers)
This two-day package is perfect especially if you’re staying in San Francisco and want to explore the outskirts. Itineraries on the first day include a 7-hour wine tour from San Francisco in a limo bus, onboard breakfast with mimosa, visits to two wineries in Napa and two in Sonoma, and gourmet picnic lunch at one of the wineries.

The second day will be devoted to the hot air balloon flight. After the balloon flight and post-flight brunch, guests will have the option whether to go shopping and sightseeing before taking the ferry to San Francisco, or to sail back to the city right away.

Aside from that, there are a lot of other things that you may have to consider: the type of wineries or restaurants you’d like to visit, and other activities you’d like to do or other events that you’d like to attend. It’s natural that there has been so much going on in your head when planning to visit the Wine Country for the first time.

However, the attractive Napa wine tour packages such as those from Balloons Above the Valley will be the most convenient option for newcomers. Balloons Above the Valley makes sure that their first-time experience will be a fun and memorable one — and may encourage another visit!

Out of the Ordinary Things to Do in Napa Valley

Apart from the usual sightseeing and going to the vineyards and their tasting rooms, there are attractions and some things to do in Napa Valley that are out of the ordinary.

You may want to put some spin into your standard wine tours by looking for unique wineries. The Raymond Vineyards, for instance, has several event rooms that cater to guests for a one-of-a-kind experience. These rooms include the Red Room, a members-only event where guests wear costumes reminiscent of the roaring 20s, and the Blending Room where guests make their dreams come true as winemakers for a day. Or the Castelo di Amorosa, a massive winery inspired by the 13th-century Tuscan architecture. You don’t have to wear period-appropriate costumes to explore the interiors of this Dario Sattui-owned Medieval castle, complete with moat, defensive towers, interior courtyard, drawbridge, even a torture chamber which contains an authentic iron maiden!

Besides drinking wine, you can also find and drink other beverages such as sparkling wines and spirits. Napa Smith is the region’s only brewery where you can sample their products like the organic IPA, Bonfire Imperial Porter, and Hop Java Pale Ale. Charbay Winery & Distillery, on the other hand, produces spirits such as whisky, rum, and several kinds of flavored vodkas.

Napa Valley isn’t all about wines. It also has a strong emphasis on culture and arts. But then, people who appreciate fine wine are most likely to appreciate fine art as well, and that’s why Napa has hundreds of museums and also holds art events throughout the region. Check out some cheeky art at di Rosa, enjoy contemporary art at Aerena Gallery, and realism artworks at Quent Cordair Fine Art. Both wine and art lovers are also lucky to find art galleries and art collections inside wineries such as the Hess Collection, Markham Vineyards, and Ma(i)sonry.

The majestic natural beauty of the Napa Valley inspires people to be outdoorsy. Hiking is one of the popular things to do in Napa. There is little surprise that there are many hiking and camping/RV spots in the region such as the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park and Skyline Wilderness Park.

A hot air balloon ride is also one of the more unusual but fun things to do in the Napa Valley. From several thousand feet floating above the ground, you can view the neat, gorgeous rows of the vineyards, the deep valleys and the rolling hills as the warm rays of sunrise greet the lush beauty of the valley. You cannot help but take photos to capture all of the beautiful scenery!

Enjoy more than just a hot air balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), the pioneer in hot air balloon rides in the Napa Valley. We offer more than just hot air balloon rides, but also other perks such as fresh pre-flight breakfasts, post-flight brunch celebrations (with sparkling wine), tours around the Wine Country via luxury transportation, gourmet picnic-style lunches, wine and olive oil tasting, and so much more! Even if you don’t choose to fly with the other guests, you may follow them from the ground and still be able to attend a brunch celebration with them!

Check out BATV’s line of attractive sunrise hot air balloon and wine tours package for more details of the itinerary and rates:

Napa Valley is more than just vineyards, wineries, wines and tasting rooms. The area offers much more opportunity for discovery, fun, and adventure. So please do not hesitate to try more of the out of the ordinary things to do in Napa Valley. Who knows, those unusual activities you find may make your trip to the Wine Country even more memorable and special.

Wine Lover? Honeymoon in Napa Valley

If engaged couples are planning their honeymoon in advance, why not spend the honeymoon in Napa Valley? This would a great honeymoon location especially if both honeymooners also happen to love wines! The Californian Wine Country is a perfect romantic retreat, with its breathtaking countryside scenery, excellent world-class cuisine, and lots of wineries.

It’s likely that honeymooners will choose Napa wineries with the perfect romantic setting. Each of the wineries offers a unique experience for the wine-loving honeymooners. Sterling Vineyards, for instance, offers a tram ride which offers a fantastic view of the Napa Valley, especially on a clear day. Opus One in Oakville has a stunning combination of American and European architecture, featuring a rooftop deck which offers fantastic views of the Napa Valley, and varietals which include current vintage (Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot), Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Domaine Carneros has a French-style villa with stunning views of the vineyards, rare table service, and the best sparkling wines in the region. This is because it’s partly owned by a real French champagne producer, Taittinger.

Other than visiting beautiful wineries and vineyards, honeymooning at the Napa won’t be the same without dining out. You can go at any restaurant in Napa depending on your taste. But if you want a restaurant whose ambiance can set your hearts (and bellies) aflutter, we recommend the French Laundry in Yountville for its French-influenced American cuisine, Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford where you can have a dinner by the deck and watch the romantic sunset, or The Lakehouse which is located at an idyllic setting at Calistoga Ranch.

For an introduction of Napa’s artisanal products and more food-tripping, head to Oxbow Public Market. You can also buy provisions to take home such as artisanal cheese, chocolates, and cured meats. Also inside Oxbow, you can have coffee at the Ritual Coffee Roasters, Gott’s Roadside for the burgers, Hog Island Oyster Bar for the best oysters in Bay Area, and Kara’s Cupcakes for the sweet ending.

If you want to combine great cuisine and sight-seeing into rolled into one, take a ride inside the Napa Valley Wine Train. This lovely restored antique train is also a mobile restaurant, where delicious high-end cuisine and fabulous interiors await you for a grand ride amongst the vineyards.

Evoke you and your spouse’s senses after a day of sightseeing, dining, and shopping by relaxing at one of Napa Valley’s world-class spas, resorts, and wellness centers. The city of Calistoga, the home of the “Old Faithful” geyser of California, is also famous for its hot springs and spas where you can enjoy mud baths and the best massages.

A hot air balloon will be the highlight of your honeymoon in Napa Valley! Witnessing the sunrise and the waking Napa fields while gently floating in a hot air balloon might well be a symbolic way to celebrate a new chapter of your lives — your married life. View the gorgeous 360-degree view of the Napa Valley, with the neat rows of grapevines, the deep valleys and the rolling hills, as well as the sun rising from the horizon.

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will make your honeymoon extra special. Our Sunrise Balloon Flight & Champagne Brunch will bring your romantic sojourn to new heights! Not only will you and your new spouse get to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Napa Valley, but you will also enjoy a delightful, pre-flight breakfast and a post-flight brunch celebration (with sparkling wine), along with the other guests.

If you want “you-and-me-only” moments, ask about BATV’s “Exclusive Flights” package. In this option, you and your spouse will get to enjoy an exclusive flight (the only other person in the basket is the pilot) as well as a private table at the post-flight celebration.

The gorgeous Wine Country has created a niche in the hearts of honeymooning couples. To make your moments extra special, let Balloons Above the Valley be a part of your honeymoon in Napa Valley — for a closer, more intimate and more memorable celebration of the newly-married life.

This Wine Tour in San Francisco Is Perfect

A wine tour in San Francisco can make a good side trip when you plan to take a holiday in the city. This could give you an introduction to the California Wine Country especially if you haven’t been there yet. A trip to the outskirts can enrich one’s experience — in this case, knowing something (or something more) about wines!

The best way to score a wine tour in Napa Valley is to look for tour packages that will bring the most to your visit. For instance, choose Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) which features one of its most popular tour packages, the “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package.” For only $836.50 per two persons, it will enable you to experience the good life in Napa Valley for two days. The first day is devoted to visiting wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties, while the second day is the hot air balloon ride.

On the first day of this package, you will be picked up in the morning by Napa Valley Country Wine Tours from one of three locations in San Francisco — the 4th at Mission, Union Square, and Pier 39. Once inside one of the limo buses, you and fellow guests will enjoy breakfast with a mimosa drink.

Before leaving San Francisco, you and the other guests will stop first at the vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge for viewing and picture-taking.

As you travel in and around the Wine Country, your knowledgeable chauffeur will point out interesting sites and answer your questions. The wine tours consist of visiting two wineries in Napa and another two in Sonoma, which gives you the opportunity to discover and appreciate the wonderful, delectable differences between Napa and Sonoma wines. Apart from the wine-tasting at Jacuzzi, there is also an olive oil tasting by The Olive Press.

You will also enjoy a picnic-style gourmet lunch, in an idyllic setting, at one of the wineries. The lunch consists of a build-it-yourself turkey sandwich, pasta, freshly baked rolls, skewered mozzarella-tomato-basil bites, falafels, hummus, and a yummy seasonal dessert for a sweet ending.

The second day of this package should easily be the highlight of your San Francisco wine tours — the hot air balloon adventure! Mornings are the most appropriate time for hot air balloon launching and flying because it is the part of the day where the winds are at their coolest and most stable.

A buffet-style breakfast at the lobby of the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel will greet you and the other guests. Enjoy Starbucks coffee and freshly baked pastries to warm and fill your bellies as well as to wake up your senses and get you in the hot air ballooning mood! After receiving a brief orientation, then it’s time to go at the hot air balloon launch site!

Upon arriving at the site, you and your fellow guests have the opportunity to witness the balloons being inflated. Once the balloons are up and you are comfortably settled into the baskets, you will find yourself gradually lifting off the ground and up into the sky!

Once the hot air balloon floats high enough in the sky, enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the world-famous Napa Valley, with incessant, neat rows of vineyards, the deep valleys, the rolling hills, trees that now appear like little clusters of broccoli, and the occasional morning fog that envelops the hills and the mountains. Witness the gradual rising of the sun above the horizon, waking up the fields, the valleys and the hills. Of course, a moment like this will have you taking lots of pictures and (appropriate) selfies as your personal souvenir!

After the one-hour flight, you and the other guests will be treated with a champagne brunch celebration, consisting of fresh, seasonal buffet goodies with sparkling wine! You and the fellow guests will excitedly give your own accounts of the wonderful and successful flight while dining on the delicious brunch.

Do you want to have a last-minute sightseeing or shopping before going back to San Francisco? If you choose to do so, then the Napa Valley Country Wine Tours will pick you up by the afternoon (after the brunch) and drop you off at either Oxbow Public Market or The Napa Valley Premium Outlets. Finally, you will be driven to the Ferry Terminal in Vallejo where you will take the ferry back to San Francisco — for free.

You will also have the option of being transported directly to the Ferry Terminal right after the champagne brunch.

Balloons Above the Valley’s “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” will be the perfect way to spend a wine tour in San Francisco. To book this package, call us at 800-464-6824 or send an email to

Winter Vacations in Napa Valley Options

Winter vacations in Napa Valley may be much more laid-back compared to those in the summer and spring months. But they don’t have to be dull!

There is a unique appeal about visiting Napa Valley in each of the seasons. Summer is the time for outdoor activities and immersing yourself in music, art and culture, with a plethora of festivals mostly occurring during this season. Fall is perfect for watching the Napa Valley dramatically changing colors.

And winter, on the other hand, is perfect for peaceful walks, contemplation, observing and viewing the bare vineyards and appreciating the otherworldly scenery.

No rushing through the crowds, no over-crowded restaurants and tasting rooms, and hotels that are untouchable during the summer become more affordable in the winter.

Despite the relatively unhurried pace during the winter, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are also festivals in Napa which are unique for this season. There’s the Napa Truffle Festival (every January) which celebrates the gourmet fungus with seminars on truffle cultivation and feasts on wine and truffle-infused cuisine. The Napa Mustard Festival encourages local businesses and non-profit organizations to entice and attract visitors to Napa Valley during this season.

And winter means it’s the Cabernet Season, which occurs from late November through April. Along with the cool winter winds comes the hearty meals, and a toast of the legendary Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with the meals. There are a handful of events, festivals as well as promotions from wineries, restaurants, and other establishments that celebrate this particular season.

Snapping up a reservation for a hotel suite for your winter holiday in Napa is relatively easy as it is the off-peak season. Check out a number of hotels because they slash their rates by as much as 40% off. A perfect time to snuggle up beside the hotel fireplace, while sipping Cabernet Sauvignon. No worries, no pressures.

Winter time unveils Napa Valley in what many people believe its most beautiful form — while the vineyards are dormant, the brilliant yellow blooms of wild mustard begin to dominate the valley floor. These vividly colored flowers paint an altogether different landscape in the Napa Valley in the most enchanting way.

Winter time is also a perfect time for the hot air ballooning because of the cool, stable winds. Be sure to wear your heavy jacket as it is much colder when you’re flying up in the sky!

Flying the hot air balloon in the cool, calm winter winds above the Napa Valley is the best experience you can possibly have. Marvel at the bright yellow blooms that carpet the valley floors, as well as the emerald green hills that greet the morning sunrise glow.

Enjoy uninterrupted views of the beautiful Napa Valley during the winter in a way that you’ve never done before. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is open any time and any season of the year, and we’d be glad to accommodate you when you want a hot air balloon ride during the winter season. As with all of our hot air balloon packages, it begins with a fresh and hot breakfast to get you through the chilly morning as well as to get you in the mood for the hot air balloon flight. And after the wonderful one-hour flight, you and the other guests are feted with a lovely brunch with sparkling wine. The warm welcoming at the champagne brunch celebration surely beats the winter chill!

Check out other BATV hot air balloon and wine tour packages if you want to get more out of your winter holidays in Napa Valley:

Winter vacations in Napa Valley don’t have to be blah. While winter means a lull in tourism, it leaves you to enjoy the beauty of Napa Valley in its more pristine state. You can still do a lot of things in Napa which include admiring the vivid landscape, enjoying hearty meals with the Cabernet Sauvignon, and enjoying a sunrise hot air balloon ride.

Napa Tours – Finding Wine Tours for a Napa Visit

Needless to say, many people view wine tours as a must when going on Napa tours. Napa Valley is a viticultural region in California that’s deemed one of the best in the world. And knowing that fact, wine lovers from all over the United States and the world visit the area to get the best of the world-class Californian wines.

There are a lot of things to do and to find while going on wine tours in Napa Valley as the region is focused on small and boutique wineries. There many wineries that could fit your moods and your preferences.

Want to feel like a royalty? Visit the Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, a massive winery founded by Dario Sattui (of the famous Sattui winemaking family) in 2007 but built in an authentically 13th-century Tuscan architectural style. It is complete with a drawbridge, a moat, defensive towers, courtyard, a chapel, even a torture chamber! Even those who aren’t fans of wines will be nevertheless impressed by the castle/winery and young kids will feel adventurous exploring the place (and receive a grape juice drink instead of wine).

Another winery that will give you the air of European royalty is Domaine Carneros, which has an impressive and opulent chateau modeled after an 18th-century French mansion. Have a sip of wine and bite of cheese while sitting on the terrace that overlooks the vineyards.

Speaking of views, Sterling Vineyards will let you take in even more magnificent views of the valley. It is the only winery with a cable car service. Guests pay for a ticket for a short but fun cable car ride which offers magnificent views of the valley — lush pine trees and picturesque vineyards.

Want to get around the valley? Go for a historic train ride with the Napa Valley Wine Train, a classic tour with the Napa Valley Wine Trolley, or a more luxurious limo bus ride. All of these will take you to the exquisite sceneries of the valley, allow you to savor the sights, smells, and tastes that the vineyards and the wineries have to offer from a one-of-a-kind and fun perspective.

For a more adventurous wine tour, why not take a hot air balloon ride? It will definitely bring Napa tours to a whole new, fresh, and exciting level! Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) has been providing hot air balloon rides to satisfied guests for over 40 years with its safe and thrilling balloon rides as well as hospitable service on the ground. The company allows you to take in unparalleled scenery of the Napa Valley that’s just waking up from its sleep — see the neat rows of vineyards, the lush hills and the valleys, and the occasional fog that envelops the scenery. Witness the light and feel the warmth of the sun that’s slowly rising from the horizon while enjoying the cool breeze at the same time!

Don’t let your moments in the sky go by without taking pictures of the gorgeous Napa scenery with your camera or smartphone. Taking selfies while flying up high in the hot air balloon basket is absolutely safe! Our pilots are extensively trained and will inform and even entertain you with their knowledge about the more interesting spots of the Valley.

After the flight, celebrate it with a fresh, seasonal buffet-style brunch with a glass of sparkling wine! You and the other guests will excitedly recount how amazing and breathtaking the flight has been, and wish that you could do it again in the future.

Balloons Above the Valley offers hot air balloon rides and winery tour package that will satisfy every traveler, whether they love wine or not.

Every first timer will most likely choose our basic Sunrise Balloon Flight and Brunch ($209 per person, with pre-flight breakfast included). For those who also want to take advantage of their holidays in Napa with a wine tour and a glorious hot air balloon ride, they may choose the Sunrise Balloon Flight – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour ($608 for two guests).

Staying in San Francisco and wanting to explore the city outskirts with a taste of wine and a hot air balloon ride? Then the San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package ($836 for two) will be the perfect package for you! For two days, you will be transported from the city to the other world — that is, a world where the best wines are made, the best views of the vineyards and the valleys are seen, and the best smells and tastes are savored.

Are you interested? Contact Balloons Above the Valley through our details: 707-253-2222 (direct line), 800-464-6824 (toll-free) or e-mail at Book now with Balloons Above the Valley to have the best experience of your Napa tour!

Experience So Much More This Napa Valley Vacation

Your Napa Valley vacation will not be just another vacation at a wine region. You will get to experience a lot more in your Napa holiday than just the wines, the vineyards, and the wineries. Of course, these are the things that brought the region to people’s attention in the first place, but here is so much more to the area than you may expect.

Like many other areas known for wine in the world, the Californian Wine Country has unique things to offer to tourists, especially those who both love wines and adventure. You may choose to go and explore the region on your own terms, or have a personally-guided tour. You may also decide to have a small intimate experience or go along with a large group of other tourists. Either way, you will get to see the best of what Napa Valley has to offer!

Wine tours are an adventure on their own. For instance, try going to Castello di Amorosa and step back in time. Although the winery was built pretty recently, it evokes the feel of a medieval castle, sans of course the costumes. The massive castle is faithfully constructed in the 13th-century Tuscan architecture, and everything you see is authentic — defensive towers, moats, even a torture chamber!

Want to have a luxurious, exclusive feel during your wine tours? In Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Winery experience the “Salon Tasting” where you and your friends enjoy a lush and private dining and wining experience without the stiffness of a seated tasting. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Besides drinking wine and dining in the finest restaurants, celebrate life by also celebrating nature in Napa Valley. The most recommended spot for nature tripping is the Land Trust of Napa, a 55,000-acre protected area perfect for hiking, biking, and kayaking. It also offers magnificent views of the Calistoga and St. Helena areas.

Immerse yourself in Napa Valley art! The region is not only known for wines and vineyards, but it is also home to art, film, music, and architecture. You can find astounding galleries that feature equally astounding pieces of art. Some of the wineries, like the Hess Collection, also serve as an art gallery. Visit special annual art exhibitions, local arts attractions, film festivals, and cultural festivals in and around Napa.

For a more interesting experience in Napa, visit during the autumn and the winter, particularly if you’re somewhat allergic to the crowds and overbooked hotels during the summer. Fall exposes Napa Valley in its most striking colors everywhere you look; plus, you may be able to participate in the grape-stomping festival which brings loads of fun. These things alone make it worth a visit especially in November. Winter is another season that brings Napa into its most quiet, most serene, and why not — most beautiful. While the vineyards are barren, they are being upstaged by the sea of brilliant yellow wild mustard blooms and the emerald green hills. Enjoy hassle-free traveling and even discounted hotel rates, an opportunity to snuggle up with your loved one near the fireplace with a warm glass of Cabernet.

Autumn and spring in particular are also perfect for hot air ballooning, although it can be done in any other season. Hot air balloons favor cool and stable winds, that’s why hot air ballooning is usually done during sunrise or sunset.

Riding a hot air balloon will take you to views of Napa Valley that you won’t be able to see even when you’re sitting on top of a hilltop winery. Vineyards make for neat and lovely natural patches (the colors depend on the season), lush rolling hills and valleys. You may encounter an occasional fog but you will see the sun rise as you glide along in the hot air balloon.

The experience is exhilarating already! What’s more, you will be feted with a traditional after-flight sparkling wine to celebrate a successful airborne journey. Here in Napa Valley though, a sparkling wine is not enough — often, a fresh and delicious seasonal buffet lunch is also served to you and the other guests who deserve nothing but the best as they enjoy their holiday.

There’s something more than just wines, vineyards, and wineries in your Napa Valley vacation, for the Wine Country is also a place for exploration as well as new and unforgettable experience.