Napa Valley Tours You Won’t Forget

How can you make most of your Napa Valley tour? Napa Valley is one of California’s most sought-after travel destinations. At every turn, everything you see is breathtaking and spectacular including the picturesque rolling hills dotted with vineyards that bear precious grapes. Wineries, big or small, can be seen everywhere. Napa Valley offers plenty of beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery to be enjoyed by tourists, like you, who flock there. And you will never run out of things to do there, either!

But how can you best enjoy Napa Valley while you’re there? There are many ways to make the most out of the fun, adventure, and the sense of oneness with nature while you’re in the Napa.

Go to a hilltop winery and get breathtaking views of the vineyards. Take a winery tour. Go bicycling along Napa’s picturesque hillsides. Dine at the region’s numerous restaurants, cafes, and delis. Go and buy freshly picked produce and fruit at the farmer’s market. Attend music and food festivals.

There are endless things to do in Napa Valley. One thing that you shouldn’t forget to do while you are there is to have an otherworldly view of the region from above by taking a hot air balloon ride in the crisp, calm sunrise.

What company can provide you this one-of-a-kind experience better than Balloons Above the Valley? We offer exciting hot air balloon and wine tour packages. We guarantee you quality service and a unique experience that will delight your senses. It starts with awesome hot air balloon sightseeing and ends with our yummy and satisfying post-flight gourmet brunches.

Tempted? Well, of course we cannot ask you to leave for the hot air balloon ride hungry. We also serve pre-flight breakfast plus a mimosa drink (depending on the package).

You will have the ride of a lifetime in our hot air balloons. They will allow you to view the spectacular Napa landscape, with neat rows of grapevines, pretty clusters of trees, and the overall breathtaking colors that Mother Nature offers. You will feel the sense of tranquility, a perfect escape from the mad rush of activity down on the Napa grounds. You’re flying in the sky, and everything feels so ethereal.

Afterwards, there’s the delicious post-flight champagne brunch awaiting you. This is the opportunity to reminisce with your friends about that amazing hot air balloon flight you’ve just experienced.

Balloons Above the Valley also offers packages that include tours of wineries in Napa and Sonoma, some wine tasting, delish picnic-style lunches, and transportation services. If you don’t wish to ride on the hot air balloon, there’s also a Chase and Brunch option where you will follow your airborne friends, from the ground, along with our staff.

A hot air balloon flight is one of the must-do activities while you’re in Napa that you surely won’t forget. When you are ready for your first hot air balloon flight, choose Balloons Above the Valley. The warm hospitality of our staff and top quality service will make the whole Napa Valley tour experience even more unforgettable.

Napa Activities for the Fall Season

Do you know how you can make your Napa activities in the fall season enjoyable? Although summer and spring are what pulls people to the Napa Valley, you may also want to visit the region during the autumn months. Napa Valley is at its most breathtaking during this season, where grapevines in particular offer the most striking splash of colors – red, yellow, orange, and gold. These contrast with the background which offers otherwise verdant hues and beautiful sunrises.

Fall, of course, is the time of harvest. Farmers are up in the wee hours of the morning to harvest their precious grapes in Napa Valley. The fruits are gathered from the vines while they are still in cool, excellent condition, so there’s less damage in the clusters.

October and November is when all-day temperatures start to cool down, after the searing summer heat. This means more people will flock to the Napa Valley, so it’s best to make your reservations early for Napa Valley wine tours.

You can enjoy the vast expanse of the Napa Valley and these amazing warm fall colors by taking a hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloons are the best way to appreciate the peerless Napa Valley in the autumn season. When you include hot air balloon rides in your Napa itinerary, choose Balloons Above the Valley.

Balloons Above the Valley is among the first companies to offer exhilarating hot air balloon rides over the beautiful Napa Valley. Not only that, we make it all more special through our exciting packages that will not only satisfy your sight-seeing pleasure, but your tummies as well with our delicious pre-flight treats and post-flight brunch.

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch
- Pre-flight breakfast consisting of Starbucks coffee and freshly baked pastries
- Brief pre-flight orientation
- Hot air balloon ride over the valley
- Post-flight seasonal brunch with Domain Chandon champagne

2. Balloon and Wine Tour Package
- Hot air balloon ride over the valley
- Visit to wineries, where visitors get to see the process of winemaking, from grapes to glass
- Picnic-style lunch and sample menu
- The option to visit the wineries on the same day as the hot air balloon ride, or the next day

3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package
- Two-day package
- Limo bus service, with an on-board breakfast and mimosa
- Opportunity to take photographs at the Golden Gate Bridge
- Visit four diverse wineries in Napa and Sonoma
- Hot air balloon ride over the valley
- Post-flight seasonal brunch with Domain Chandon champagne

4. Chase and Brunch
- For those who don’t wish to ride on the hot air balloon
- Pre-flight breakfast
- Follow the hot air balloon from the grounds, along with the BATV staff
- Post-flight seasonal brunch with Domain Chandon champagne

The fall season brings natural beauty to Napa Valley in another dimension. What could be a better way to appreciate the gorgeousness of the valley than by viewing it from up in the sky on a hot air balloon ride? Here at Balloons Above the Valley, we don’t only offer breathtaking flights and other goodies. The warm hospitality by our staff will also make your Napa activities in the fall season more special and memorable.

Hot Air Ballooning, One of the Many Things to Do in the Bay Area

There are many things to do in the Bay Area to keep visitors busy. There are endless ways to spend your time, but none will be as exhilarating as hot air ballooning near San Francisco in the world famous Napa Valley.

Visitors and tourists won’t run out of things to do in the Bay Area. You can visit the museums and galleries in Sausalito. Get a dose of the Bay Area’s culture by watching a live play at the San Francisco Opera, or catching a San Francisco Symphony performance. Dine to your heart’s content at the Bay Area’s countless restaurants, cafes, and watering holes. Explore nature at the Bay Area’s many natural wonders, and visit the city’s significant historical structures such as the famed Palace of Fine Arts. And who can forget the Golden Gate Bridge? Sure enough, you won’t end your SF tour without taking a photo with San Francisco’s famous landmark in it.

Hot air ballooning is one of the many activities San Francisco offers. Head to nearby Napa Valley which is known all over the world for its wines, food, and of course the beautiful, unbeatable Mediterranean-type scenery. These sites can be appreciated best particularly in the summer and autumn months.

Imagine how it will feel, stepping out of a hilltop winery and taking in the panoramic view of the gorgeous Napa Valley. Now consider seeing the view from a hot air balloon? That’s a cooler idea, isn’t it? If you include hot air ballooning as one of the must-do things in the Bay Area, then check out one of the first companies to offer hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley, Balloons Above the Valley (BATV).

Balloons Above the Valley assures you of an unforgettable hot air balloon flight over the Napa Valley. During a cool, crisp morning where the winds are gentle and stable – perfect for hot air balloon flights – you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the Napa Valley in a whole new way. You will see the neat rows of grapevines, the amazing Napa fields, lush vegetation, and awe-inspiring landscape bathed in the sunrise glow.

The breathtaking view is not the only benefit of a hot air balloon ride. We also offer other treats such as a pre-flight coffee and pastries to awaken your senses and a delicious seasonal post-flight brunch you can enjoy while you and your friends reminisce about your wonderful flight.

BATV also offers complete packages that include a tour at the vineyards (on the ground) as well as wineries, a limo service with on-board breakfast, an opportunity to pose for pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge, picnic-style lunches, and so much more. Call us at 800-464-6824 to learn more about these or any of our other packages.

When you go to San Francisco’s Bay Area, don’t miss out on hot air ballooning especially from Balloons Above the Valley. We guarantee you that when you look for things to do in the Bay Area your travels won’t be the same . . . and you’ll come back to enjoy hot air balloon rides with us again and again.

Hot Air Ballooning Is One of Many Things to Do In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most well-known places in the United States. There are many things to do in San Francisco, as it is the business and cultural hub of the US West Coast. The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge spans the San Francisco Bay. People won’t start and conclude their visit to the city without having pictures taken with the well-known bridge as their background. Hop in San Francisco’s famous cable cars while exploring the city sights, visit the art museums and historical landmarks, dine, shop and have great nights out on the town. You may not want to miss a visit to the Napa Valley, a small area near the city that produces some of the world’s finest wines. It also boasts a peerless, beautiful landscape, and what could be a better way to appreciate it than doing it via hot air ballooning?

Napa Valley’s tourism peak is usually in the spring and summer. Tourists can be found visiting the thriving vineyards and wineries, tasting the finest wines in the world, dining some of the world’s best cuisine, attending festivals and concert events. You will be able to do a myriad of things in such a small area as Napa Valley.

But the highlight of your San Francisco trip would certainly be the hot air ballooning. This is best done in an early morning sunrise, where the atmosphere is clear and the winds are gentle. Viewing the beautiful landscape from the hot air balloon, you will be amazed at the vineyards being gradually bathed by the glow of the sunrise, and everything will appear small. This is also a perfect way to escape all the maddening crowds of tourists and the noise. Riding on a hot air balloon during early sunrise also gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility. You feel like you’re really flying up in the sky and touching the heavens. The overall natural beauty that Napa offers will give you a sense that you’re really one with nature.

If you want to have this one-of-a-kind experience, Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers amazing hot air balloon and wine tour packages in reasonable rates. BATV’s line of packages include:

- Sunrise Balloon and Champagne Brunch
Pre-flight breakfast consisting of coffee and pastries, hot air balloon ride, post-flight brunch with champagne.

- Balloon and Wine Tour Packages
Visit to the wineries, wine tasting, picnic-style lunch, transportation, and hot air balloon ride.

- San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package
A two-day package consisting of limo transportation with on-board breakfast and mimosa, visits to Napa and Sonoma wineries, wine and olive oil tasting, picnic-style lunch, pre-flight pastries, hot air balloon ride, post-flight brunch with champagne, ferry transportation. There are also other options including a drop-off to Napa public markets and shops, depending on the visitor’s wish if they want to have a last-minute shopping before leaving Napa.

- Chase and Brunch
This package is for visitors who may not wish to ride on the hot air balloon. It includes a pre-flight pastries, and post-flight brunch with champagne. The other persons or persons in their party will ride on the hot air balloon while they follow the balloon from the ground with BATV staff. Please note that BATV does limit its chase and brunch guests to one guest per flying passenger.

Balloons Above the Valley is one of the first companies to provide hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley. You can also be sure of its top-quality customer service, satisfaction and safety as BATV is licensed to provide such flights.

Hot air ballooning is one of the great many things to do in San Francisco. However, you’ll have the most unforgettable hot air balloon ride experience if you ride with Balloons Above the Valley. To find out more details on package rates, visit our website:

Experience the Thrill of Hot Air Ballooning With a Napa Valley Tour

Hot air ballooning is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. What could be a more thrilling way to enjoy a hot air balloon ride than in a Napa Valley tour?

The Napa Valley is an area near San Francisco, California where some of the most world-renowned wines are produced. The landscape in Napa Valley is certainly breathtaking, and it seems everything you see in the valley is quite picturesque. There are many ways to appreciate Napa’s peerless natural landscape. You can drive through the valley, or bike on the hillsides. But the best way to experience the thrill of your Napa Valley tour is on a hot air balloon ride.

Hot air ballooning is an ideal activity for anyone. For the adventurous, it would be a whole new experience for them, it feels as if they were touching the sky and flying in the heavens. For those who are afraid of heights or flying, they shouldn’t be bothered by riding in a hot air balloon. The balloon’s slow and gentle liftoff will put them at ease. A hot air balloon simply flies along with the wind, rather than being “beaten” by it. A hot air balloon ride will give those on the trip a sense of peace and tranquility.

The normal altitude of a hot air balloon is in the air range from 1,000 to 3,000 feet. This is the ideal altitude because although you can see things from a distance, you’re still able to view the scenery on the ground. The concrete jungle gradually fades from sight, and what you’ll only see are the varying shades of green from trees such as oak, bay, and eucalyptus, and of course, the neat endless rows of vines bearing those precious grapes. You will definitely want to bring your camera to capture some of Napa’s magnificent vistas that unravel before your eyes as the hot air balloon floats along the cool, crisp morning breeze.

When it comes to choosing someone to provide you with the best hot air ballooning experience for your Napa Valley Tour, no one provides better hot air balloon rides than Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). The company is one of the first to provide hot air balloon rides in the Napa Valley, and they take pride in its top quality customer service and emphasis on safety.

BATV offers attractive hot air balloon ride and wine tour packages that include transportation (by limousine and ferry), a visit to the wineries, pre-flight breakfast, post-flight brunch, and of course the hot air ballooning that will easily become an unforgettable highlight of your Napa Valley tour. For more details about the hot air balloon packages and their rates, call them at 800-464-6824.

Choose Balloons Above the Valley for Fun Activities in Napa

There are many fun activities in Napa Valley especially during the spring and summer season. This little area near San Francisco, California is one of the world’s premiere wine regions. It boasts the thriving vineyards, the beautiful scenery, and some of the world’s best food and wine. Crowds flock to visit the vineyards, take winery tours, sip the finest wines, dine at several top restaurants, check out the farmers’ markets, attend music and food festivals and so much more.

The numbers of tourists arrive to the valley during those peak seasonal months. Encountering all those overflowing picnics, packed restaurants, and all of the Napa rush, you may feel that it’s not fun anymore. You may want to get away from them all, even for just a while. Fortunately, you can still savor the beautiful Napa scenery without getting troubled by crowds and other inconveniences — by enjoying a hot-air balloon ride.

Enjoying the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape while on a hot-air balloon during sunrise will be the highest point of your visit. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers you and other tourists exciting hot air balloon and wine tour packages. These amazing packages are also great for your budget. It is a plus for you when you decide to include wine tours in San Francisco as part of your itinerary. There are many ways you can enjoy the beautiful expanse of the Napa Valley through the following BATV packages:

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch
Tourists start the day right by enjoying Starbucks coffee and freshly baked goodies. A brief orientation follows. Afterwards, visitors can go straight to the hot air balloon launch site where they can witness the balloons being inflated. Then they can enter the hot air balloon and begin their adventure! They will enjoy sightseeing the lovely Napa vineyards and overall natural beauty bathed in glowing sunrise while riding the balloon on cool, crisp morning air. Upon landing, tourists will have post-flight treats with Domain Chandon champagne and fresh, delectable seasonal brunch while reminiscing about their exhilarating hot air balloon experience.

2. San Francisco Wine and Tour Packages
Visitors will discover wineries in both Napa and Sonoma. On the first day, they will be taken from San Francisco proper to these famed wineries in luxury transportation. While on board, they will be treated with breakfast and a mimosa drink. On the first day of the package tour, tourists will also have a photo-op overlooking the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. While touring the diverse Napa and Sonoma wineries they will also have wine tasting and olive oil tasting opportunities.

On the second day, the visitors will have the ride of their lives — the hot air balloon! The itinerary is similar to the Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch package. After the exhilarating morning ride and sightseeing on the beautiful Napa expanse, tourists head to the Champagne Brunch celebration where they dine a fresh and yummy seasonal brunch and Domain Chandon while reliving that one-of-a-kind hot air balloon ride experience. This wonderful two-day discovery of the Napa and Sonoma wineries highlighted by the hot air balloon ride is available only through Balloons Above the Valley.

2. Balloon and Wine Tour Package
Tourists will have the chance not only to have a glorious sightseeing adventure, but will view the Napa Valley while riding on a hot air balloon. They will also get to discover the process of wine-making. This package includes a visit to the wineries where tourists will get to see how wine is made, from grapes to the glass. A picnic-style lunch follows where visitors are treated to the delicious menu. The great thing about this package is that people can choose to visit the wineries right after their hot air balloon flight adventure, or take their wine tours on the next day.

4. Chase and brunch
Some people want to see the beauty of the Napa Valley but choose not to ride on the hot air balloon. In this package, the other party members take to the sky in the hot air balloon ride while you follow them from the ground, along with the BATV staff. Pre-flight breakfast and post-flight brunch is also included in the package. This package is available to only one guest for each flying passenger.

Among the other fun activities in Napa Valley, the hot air balloon ride is the most unique activity to do in the area. BATV guarantees that you will have an unforgettable ride of your life — eyeing the natural beauty of the Valley aloft on a hot air balloon on a cool, calm morning. Visitors will also appreciate the warm hospitality and top service by the BATV staff that will have them coming back for more.

Are you looking for Northern California Activities? Try Hot Air Ballooning!!

If you are visiting, or live within driving distance of northern California, activities you can enjoy are endless. Consider doing something outside of the box by taking a hot air balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley. There are many other activities to choose from including (but are not limited to) national and state parks, vineyard tours and wine tastings. You can also consider skiing in the winter, beaches in the summer, photography tours and bicycle tours, and even a visit to the infamous Alcatraz. However, hot air ballooning remains a favorite northern California activity.

Because this activity is so popular, you will want to contact Balloons Above the Valley, Northern California’s premiere hot air balloon company, ahead of time to make sure you can schedule your flight ahead of time. Keep in mind, however, that hot air ballooning is a weather dependant Northern California Activity, which may result in the flight being changed to another date. This is for your safety and for the safety of the hot air balloon flight crew.

Even if you are uncomfortable with heights, or afraid of flying, you should consider trying out a hot air balloon ride. Unlike many northern California activities, hot air ballooning is relaxing and peaceful. Even people who normally dislike heights often find that hot air ballooning does not bother them. This may be partly due to the slow liftoff and the fact that the balloon rises gently to its final height, and is generally very stable. Motion sickness is not usually a problem because the balloon moves with the wind, rather than being buffeted by it.

Your hot air balloon ride will generally stay between 1,000 and 3,000 feet in the air. The highest altitude achieved by a hot air balloon was 68,986 feet, with the help of oxygen masks, but that is a record that hot air balloon rides are not attempting to beat!

The advantage to the height at which you will fly is that you can see for a long distance; however you can still see the endless rows of vineyards on the ground. The views are beautiful and you will definitely want to plan to have a camera with you to capture some of the vistas that unravel before you as you float along with the breeze.

Traditionally, a hot air balloon ride is followed, upon landing, with a champagne brunch. This is tradition based on an old superstition that says that farmers once thought hot air balloons were dragons coming down from the sky. The pilots offered champagne to the farmers as a way to calm their fears. Even though the superstition has fallen by the wayside, the tradition continues.

When you are planning on being in Northern California, you want to find activities that you will enjoy. It is easy to see why, among northern California activities, hot air ballooning is one of the all-time favorites!

Arrive at a Napa Valley Wine Tour In Style

One of the fun attractions available when you visit northern California is a Napa Valley wine tour. There are many different tours available, and some include different modes of transportation. One of the most unforgettable ways to arrive at your Napa Valley wine tour is in a hot air balloon.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about a hot air balloon ride as part of the Napa Valley wine tour. You may wonder what it would entail. This is how it usually works. You begin the day with fresh pastries and coffee or tea as you meet the others who will experience the hot air balloon ride with you. Then you are transported to the location where you will board your balloon in the early morning. While you wait for the flight to begin, watch the flight crew make final preparations and finish inflating the balloon. Once it rises, majestic, above the basket, and the flight crew is ready to go, you will enter the basket and the flight will begin.

Many passengers have commented that they are surprised at the quietness of a ride under a hot air balloon. Between bursts of the burner that keeps the air inside the balloon hot, there is only the stillness and quiet. Even though – or perhaps because – the balloon is moved by the movement of air, the air inside the basket is moving at the same rate, so the overall effect is amazing stillness, even though the balloon is moving.

From the balloon’s height, which varies between 1,000 and 3,000 feet, usually, you will be able to see the mountains surrounding the valley and vineyards below. You will see wildlife and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You will almost certainly want to plan to carry your camera with you, to capture the amazing view from the balloon’s basket.

The flight may include changes of direction, involving increasing or decreasing the altitude of the Hot Air Balloon to take advantage of the movement of a different layer of air. The pilot will make these decisions during the flight in order you get you to a safe landing location.

A gentle descent to the landing location completes the idyllic ride. You will then be transported to the champagne brunch location hosted by Balloons Above the Valley. Your brunch will be followed  by a delightful Napa Valley wine tour and wine-tasting.

When you put it all together, you end up with an experience like no other. From the time you arrive until you head back to your lodging, you will have sights to see, tastes to enjoy, and an amazing memory to store away of your Napa Valley wine tour.

Hot Air Ballooning – One of the Fun Things to Do in Napa

One of the most often visited areas in northern California is the Napa Valley. Hot air ballooning is one of Napa Valley’s most unique activities for you and your family to enjoy while visiting. It is definitely one of the top Napa Valley tourist attractions. It is a great way to see the Valley, it can be an exciting mode of transportation, and it is always an experience you will be glad you didn’t miss.

Hot air balloons have been around since the 1700s. They were first invented in France. Since then, hot air ballooning has become a hobby as well as an attraction for both its participants and spectators. People love seeing hot air balloons floating above their heads, and passengers enjoy looking down from above at the people who look so tiny down below. If you are ready to experience hot air ballooning for yourself, contact Balloons Above the Valley at 800-464-6824 to schedule your adventure!

When you plan your flight, one thing to remember is that you will need to be there early. Because weather can affect ballooning, most hot air balloon rides are limited to early morning hours. At this time the air is more stable and the takeoff and landing are easier to maneuver. If it is a windy day, the balloons will not take flight, for the safety of all involved.

Usually hot air balloon rides will last about an hour and will soar to 1,000 to 3,000 feet in the air. This is high enough to see the countryside, but low enough to see the vineyards below. When planning your adventure, be sure to check the meeting time during the time of year you would like to book your reservation, as the meeting time changes throughout the year. We recommend allowing at least 4 hours for your adventure, this will include transportation time as well as time for your champagne brunch that follows your flight.

One of the most-often asked questions about hot air ballooning is how does the pilot steer? There is no steering mechanism on a hot air balloon. There are usually ‘layers’ of air movement, and these layers move in different directions, and at different speeds. The pilot will use altitude to change the direction of the balloon’s flight. Altitude is adjusted by adding or removing the hot air in the balloon.

The temperature of the air will somewhat affect the balloon’s flight, which may result in fewer passengers being able to enjoy the ride if the outside temperature is already very high. Balloons prefer cooler temperatures, so the balloon company will keep a close eye on the weather and schedule passengers based on what the weather will allow. Companies have different policies about their flights in higher or lower than average temperatures. Be sure you speak with Balloons Above the Valley staff to learn their policies about scheduling in different climates.

Hot air ballooning is a great way to spend time relaxing and enjoying a unique view of the Napa Valley.

How to Find Napa Valley Activities for Your Family This Summer

Often families traveling to wine country wonder, "What are some Napa Valley activities we can all enjoy together this summer?" The answer, of course, is there are many fun things to do as a family in Napa Valley.

Napa Valley may conjure up images of adult activities such as wine tastings, but the region can also be considered as a family-friendly getaway. Families will find, to their delight, that Napa Valley activities can also be geared for the children. Taking the kids along to the wine country will be a new experience for them to add to their summer vacation.

Let’s start with the food! There are plenty of culinary delights that Napa Valley has to offer for both adults and children. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the family will never run out of options. Napa offers local coffee houses, Michelin rated restaurants, and endless wine options for adults. Children will enjoy hotdogs, fries, smoothies, sandwiches & brick-oven Neapolitan pizzas from the many family friendly eateries scattered around town.

Families will tighten their bond as they enjoy cycling together on Napa’s picturesque hillsides, watching the geysers in the neighboring city of Calistoga, riding on the Napa Valley Trolley and even touring the famous Castillo De Amorosa winery that is an actual castle! While all of these options are very suitable for families, the number 1 recommended family activity in Napa Valley is a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Riding on the hot air balloon during the summer months is not just a pleasant experience for the family, but it’s also a memory that the family will never forget. Come and see for yourself, the astonishing beauty visible from the balloon’s basket.

Children must be at least 40 inches tall to ride, but we suggest they be approximately 4 feet tall in order to see over the baskets. It is also helpful if they have a sense of adventure! If this describes your children, they will definitely enjoy the ride and relish the breathtaking views of the Napa Valley hundreds of feet below. Kids will excitedly describe the neat rows of the grapevines and the varying hues of green from the trees and foliage… and the overall majestic landscape of the valley.

Balloons Above the Valley is one of the first companies to provide such hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley. As it is also licensed to provide such flights, you and your family can be assured of its customer-and-guest-oriented service and overall safety. Not only does the company offer hot-air balloon flights, but it also provides a pre-flight coffee-and-pastries breakfast and a post-flight champagne brunch for the whole family to enjoy. The kids really seem to love the waffle station! Balloons Above the Valley will also provide transportation services for guests staying in the Napa Valley.

If you and your family really want to experience a hot air balloon ride over the gorgeous expanse of Napa Valley, you must book a reservation in advance by calling 800-464-6824. A hot air balloon flight in the summer morning is one of the major attractions that will make Napa Valley activities fun and unforgettable for every family.