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Hot Air Balloon Rides near San Francisco Start with BATV

Hot air balloon rides near San Francisco and the Bay Area are guaranteed to be a pleasurable side trip while staying in the city. Be sure to experience riding the hot air balloon in the Wine Country, particularly the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. The once-unknown Napa Valley became internationally famous after winning the Judgment of Paris in the 1970s. This win put the Napa wines at the same level as the European wines (especially French wines). Since then enotourism has flourished in the Californian Wine Continue reading →

If You’re Looking for Napa Valley Things to Do, Try These!

You will never run out of Napa Valley things to do, see, and enjoy. If you’re a first-time tourist in the Wine Country in particular, you will likely find yourself at loss for a while when trying to decide which of these things you should do and see. If you’re in this kind of situation and happen to land on this page, you’ll be glad you did! We’ll provide some great suggestions for you to try, to see, and do when you’re in the Napa Continue reading →

Wine Tours in California Begin in Napa Valley

Doing wine tours in California is what a majority of visitors do whenever they visit the state. And why shouldn’t they? California accounts for almost ninety percent of the domestic wine production. In fact, if California were a country, it would have ranked fourth in the overall worldwide wine production. The West Coast state alone already has over 100 regions designated as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) or simply wine regions. Two of the most famous wine regions also happen to be the twin valleys Continue reading →

Napa Wine Tour Packages: Learn More about Them

Many companies offer Napa wine tour packages to tourists but they aren’t all equal. These packages are so convenient. With their fixed budget and itinerary, they will save tourists from the hassles of having to plan, and they will give them a clear idea on how much they really have to spend for a holiday. To start with, there are around 400 wineries in the region, and choosing which wineries to go to can be quite complicated. A lot of Napa travel guide publications and Continue reading →

Finding Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley Just Got Easier

There are a lot of fun things to do in Napa Valley, not just serious wine tasting. Aside from that, the world-famous wine region in California is not just for adults, but also for the kids and the whole family! Lovers of nature will particularly have plenty to choose from, things to see and experience in the Napa Valley. Rent a bike and cycle through the wine country or hike the rolling hills and see the spectacular vistas of the valley. You can also enjoy Continue reading →

Special Honeymoon in Napa Valley Activities

Honeymooners will definitely find lots of honeymoon in Napa Valley activities to do to keep them busy and make their stay special. Let’s face it — the picturesque countryside views alone make Napa Valley the perfect destination for the newlyweds. Apart from the romantic setting, honeymooners will find plenty of things to see, eat, and do in the Napa Valley. Lodgings in Napa Valley tend to be pricey, so do your best to look out for hotels and resorts that offer great deals — some Continue reading →

Choose BATV for Wine Tours in San Francisco

Wine tours in San Francisco can make for either a quite fun side trip or a main vacation foray while you’re staying in the city. What could be a better way to spend a day of your holiday than at the outskirts of the city visiting to the beautiful Wine Country? The twin valleys near San Francisco — Napa and Sonoma — are also both world-renowned wine regions in the United States. Needless to say, both are also popular tourist spots so if you’re staying Continue reading →

Scheduling Your Vacations in Napa Valley

Planning for your vacations in Napa Valley can require travelers to do a bit of work. The famous wine region can be visited at any time of the year, and has a wide array of sightseeing, wine tours, dining options, and many other attractions. So it can be a bit confusing and you may ask yourself, “When is the best time to go to Napa Valley?” The seasons will mostly dictate your vacation plans in Napa Valley. If you intend to go on a holiday Continue reading →

Napa Valley Tours – Different Ways to Tour the Area

Going on Napa Valley tours is always an adventure indeed, whether you are just walking or biking, riding a train or a hot air balloon. There are several tour operators whose business is providing fun and adventurous Napa Valley journeys to tourists. One of the most common ways of getting around Napa Valley is by car. Be sure to research several of the car rental businesses in the wine region and compare their prices before renting a vehicle. Depending on your preference, you may grab Continue reading →

Places to Go and Things to Do in Napa

You will never run out of places you’d like to visit and things to do in Napa Valley. The California wine region is unquestionably one of the must-visit tourist destinations of the world, especially if you love wine, food, and beautiful sights. Napa Valley offers other excitement for every discerning traveler. Of course, visiting the wineries and tasting wines are a must-do experience in the world-famous wine region. Whether you want to visit the big names or smaller, boutique wineries, or wineries that boast stunning Continue reading →