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Napa Tours – Finding Wine Tours for a Napa Visit

Needless to say, many people view wine tours as a must when going on Napa tours. Napa Valley is a viticultural region in California that’s deemed one of the best in the world. And knowing that fact, wine lovers from all over the United States and the world visit the area to get the best of the world-class Californian wines. There are a lot of things to do and to find while going on wine tours in Napa Valley as the region is focused on Continue reading →

Experience So Much More This Napa Valley Vacation

Your Napa Valley vacation will not be just another vacation at a wine region. You will get to experience a lot more in your Napa holiday than just the wines, the vineyards, and the wineries. Of course, these are the things that brought the region to people’s attention in the first place, but here is so much more to the area than you may expect. Like many other areas known for wine in the world, the Californian Wine Country has unique things to offer to Continue reading →

What Are Some Fun Things to Do in Napa?

There are a lot of fun things to do in Napa for people of all ages, whether it involves or doesn’t involve wine. Keep reading to learn more. If you love wine, needless to say Napa Valley will definitely be your own heaven! Sure, it’s impossible to visit over 400 wineries in the region during a short stay, but if you plan to visit regularly you may be able to visit many of them. You have the choice as much as your preference, time and Continue reading →

Is Casual Dress Allowed during Napa Wine Tour Package?

Especially if it’s your first time to go on a Napa Wine tour package, you may wonder or be unsure if there’s a dress code when visiting wineries. The following article provides the answers you seek. Since Napa Valley is an agricultural area, comfort is a top consideration even when visiting the vineyards and wineries. Although there is no specific dress code when visiting Napa, dressing there is generally “casual” and “business casual.” Locals tend to dress casually, but visitors may want to dress up Continue reading →

A Wine Tour near San Francisco You’ll Remember

While you may have gaped at the greatness of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, taken a ride on one of its famous cable cars, or visited the grand Palace of Fine Arts, a wine tour near San Francisco will be as fun and memorable, too. The California Wine Country, particularly Napa and Sonoma valleys, has been there around for a long time. However, it was pretty recent that the quality of their wines was elevated to world-class standards. Tourists come to San Francisco not only Continue reading →

Amazing and Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a place of beauty, wonder, adventure, exploration, and fun! There are countless amazing and fun things to do in Napa Valley. Although it’s impossible to do all of them during your weekend getaway, whatever activity you choose, it’s guaranteed to bring you lots of fun and happy memories along the way. Napa Valley is famous for wine, of course, so visiting vineyards and wineries as well as wine-tastings are expected activities. But Napa is more than those things! You will be surprised Continue reading →

Family Vacations in Napa Valley – Planning for Everyone

Family vacations in Napa Valley may sound improbable, since the region automatically brings adult activities to mind such as wine tasting, wine and food pairing, and fine dining. There are ways to enjoy a family vacation in Napa and the surrounding area if you know what activities to plan. However, don’t cross Napa Valley off your vacation destination list just because you’re taking the kids along. The wine region also offers activities that are fun for kids and the whole family. You’ll be even surprised Continue reading →

Wine Tours Plans during Honeymoon in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is the perfect place for honeymooners — the beautiful and dreamy landscape alone makes for an ideal romantic setting. And like many other romantic couples vacationing in the region, they won’t let their stay in the Napa go by without giving a toast to their love with a Cabernet or Chardonnay. Consider these wineries during your honeymoon in Napa Valley. Many Napa (as well as Sonoma) hotels offer honeymoon packages; you only have to be on a smart lookout to score these great Continue reading →

Summer Time Napa Activities Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Summer is the peak season for Napa Valley tourism, so it’s not surprising to see a plethora of summer time Napa activities during this time of the year. Unfortunately, during the summertime hotels are nearly always full, and the tasting rooms are mostly packed. Unless you enjoy jostling in the long lines, the number of people may make you want to avoid summer vacations in Napa. The better option is to make a hotel and tasting room reservations ahead so that you will experience as Continue reading →

Explore and Learn with These Things to Do in the Bay Area

There are fun things to do in Bay Area. Besides being fun, many of the activities can also be quite an enriching experience. If you plan to spend a week or two (or more) vacation in the Bay Area, you might as well take in some side trips to the California wine country. You may also want to take advantage of the fun and educational activities during your stay there. If you’re passionate about wines and want to know more than you can learn with Continue reading →